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Hello Friends,

It’s that time of year again--the season to celebrate our families, friends, and all the great things that come with living on the Forgotten Coast.

Keep our animal friends in mind. This year has been challenging at the Franklin County Humane Society. As Karen Martin outlines in her Director’s letter, we have been overwhelmed with a record number of unwanted pets of all ages, but particularly puppies and kittens. Yet, we’ve continued to provide a safe haven for all pets that come through our doors. And, we’re very proud of our 95% adoption rate, which is well above the national average.

We help people, too! You may not realize it, but the Franklin County Humane Society also helps people. We take in cherished pets when owners find they can no longer care for them. We provide spay/neuter vouchers for local pet owners so that they can afford this needed service. And our “Drop Pen” offers a welcome haven for lost and unwanted pets. We make no judgements. We simply provide medical care and the opportunity for a new home and loving life.

Can you help? Sadly, this year we have greater funding challenges. Franklin County has currently put our annual budget on hold. This may change, but right now, our holiday fund-raising efforts are more important than ever. Your generosity helps make miracles happen for the homeless pets of Franklin County. Remember the more you donate, the more animals we can save. We are a nonprofit 501c3, so donations are tax deductible. Donate in these ways:

1. MAIL A CHECK: Send a check to Franklin County Humane Society, 244-FL 65, Eastpoint, Florida 32328
2. GO TO OUR WEBSITE: Go to and use the PayPal link at the bottom of our home page. It’s quick and easy.

3. GIVE AT LOCAL DONATION BOXES: Look for donation jars located at merchants around the county. Dig into your pockets because every dollar helps a suffering animal.

Thank you! Thank you so, so much for your past support. And we wish you a snuggly warm holiday season with your favorite furry friends.
Sincerely, Bud Hayes, Board President

Challenging doesn’t begin to describe the year we have had at the Franklin County Humane Society. Hurricane Michael may have hit the area more than a year ago, but we are still dealing with the aftermath. The number of animal intakes we had in the first 3 months of 2019 were unlike any we have ever seen. We attribute this to unfenced and unaltered dogs free to roam and breed. The result: 199 puppies were brought to us in January, February, and March which is totally atypical for that time of year.
At the date of this letter, our shelter has acquired and cared for 776 cats and dogs, which will put us well over the 800 mark by the end of the year. Last year, we served 697 pets. This surprising increase has put a strain on our budget, but we managed to care for every animal that came through our door.
Every year we are challenged by dogs and cats needing medical care far and above the routine vetting all pets receive. Your donations make it possible for us to go above and beyond to save these precious lives. Here are just a few of our many success stories made possible by your past generosity:
Red Bono was left in our drop pen emaciated and with a broken pelvis that our Veterinarian thought would heal on its own with time. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and Red Bono had to undergo hip surgery. In addition to his surgery, he had to be treated for heartworms. It took months for him to recover completely, but he is now living his best life with his adopters and he is thriving. You made that possible. 
Winky was brought to us with a severely infected eye that had ruptured and required removal. Once the infec t ion was c leared, he underwent surgery to have the eye removed. He was adopted by a family who had already adopted one of his littermates. Winky now lives in a home with 5 children that spoil him rotten. You helped give him a second chance. Your donations are what make these joyous outcomes possible. We appreciate every single contribution, big or small, and we will continue to strive to care for and home all the pets that pass through our door.

 Thank you so much for your continued support.

Karen Martin, Director 
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