For Virgo season: You are worthy
For Virgo season: You are worthy
Hello Fellow Human!
I hope you and your loved ones are doing well and staying safe. With global, national, regional, local, and personal events, you may be finding it difficult to find harmony in your life, let alone time to do something for yourself.
You likely find it hard to find time for self-care in quieter times and, in many ways, the last several months have probably made it feel nearly impossible to do anything self-focused. So I have recorded several shorter guided meditations (each is 4-9 minutes) to support you on your journey of finding harmony and taking a few minutes to do something for yourself. 
I have also re-recorded both Letting Go of Tension meditations (with and without toning/humming) so they are slower and, hopefully, more relaxing. I find them very helpful when my nervous system is out of whack and I don't want to just sit and breathe. 
And, thanks to one of you, I've added a reiki session focused on procrastination. As you'll hear in the recording, not all procrastination is bad (we just think it is because we live in a society that values pushing through over nearly everything else). This reiki session is focused on helping you see your next right action and accepting wherever you are in your process (or on your to-do list).
All recordings can be found on my website and SoundCloud now, with most on Insight Timer (those take a few extra days because of the review process). 
I would love to hear your feedback on these techniques and if there's another area of your life you'd like some support for.
All my best,
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It's Virgo Season

It is Virgo Season and, no matter what your sun, moon, or rising signs are, Virgo affects something in your chart. This can mean that, no matter what you do, you're feeling especially critical of yourself this month.
I'd like to share some mantras for the season that may help bring some compassion and self-acceptance, use these in whatever way feels comfortable for you:
  • I am worthy. I have value just by being me. 
  • I can work to improve the world and accept it as it is at the same time.
  • I easily focus my attention and energy on what is practical and useful.
Virgo energy is very hard-working, service-oriented, and analytical. As with all archetypes, there are really positive expressions and really negative expressions. These mantras are meant to support positive expressions of Virgo energy.

Shift Yourself Workbook

If your nervous system feels out of balance and you are curious about how your elemental balance may be affecting it and what you can do to bring it into balance, my Shift Yourself Workbook might be just the thing for you.
Take the quiz, do some math, see where you are relying on some elements more than others, and take some small steps toward getting into balance (remember, I like short exercises, nothing here will be especially time consuming).
New subscribers to my email list will receive this workbook and I wanted you to have access to it first to thank you for being here.
(And yes, I do hope you chuckle at the title). 
I'm ready to shift myself

Equus Coaching is HERE!

The reason we bring a horse in to our work is because horses live only in the present moment (they do not relive and over-analyze past events  nor do they project into the future and try to imagine or control an outcome). Horses respond authentically to what they see right in front of them. 
Horses, by their very nature, give us feedback that helps us identify patterns that may be getting in our way, see opportunities to create greater clarity with ourselves and others, and gain insights into our deepest desires.  Horses show us where our boundaries are, if we are expressing our energy the way we think we are, and where we think we are leading but instead may be following.
Horses mirror how we’re showing up in the moment, without words or innuendo, they simply show up and tell the truth of what they observe in our energy. 
If you or someone you know lives in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area and are interested in learning more or booking a session, feel free to email me.

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HealthyLine® Mats 

HealthyLine’s revolutionary PEMF mats and far-infrared mats are designed to improve your health and wellness using natural gemstone heat therapy. Our nature-inspired medical devices will enable you to feel good all year round. 
I am an affiliate (so I earn a commission if you use my link) and I have a mat and pillow that I use and I now have a mat for my pets.  
I have been really happy with my purchases and know I feel beter after using my mats.
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If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them.

You're trying to live true to your needs and wants, I'm here to help

Are you someone who works and lives to please others (even if you don't realize that's what you're doing)?
Do you often respond, "I don't know" or "I don't care" when someone asks you what you want to do?
Are you feeling ambivalent or directionless even though you remember when you were interested and curious and maybe even ambitious?
Do you feel unheard, misunderstood, or disrespected, even by those you are closest to?
Are you ready for change and want help making that change happen?
I help caring, giving people who know there's more to life than giving themselves away to try to please others. They're looking to take care of themselves without guilt, reengage with activities that interest them without fear, and get back in touch with themselves so that they know what they want with confidence and clarity.  
My clients are thoughtful and driven but they struggle to figure out what they need and want and how to ask for it with confidence and a knowing that they are worthy of having the life they want.
If you're ready to quit getting lost in other people's wants and expectations, get clear about what you want, or even take control of your life, I can help you get there.
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