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Nationals Newsletter - June 8, 2021
Nationals Newsletter - June 8, 2021

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Registration this Sunday, June 13 

An adult representative from each school participating in the National Tournament should plan to attend tournament registration this Sunday, June 13. Each state has an assigned registration time. If you can't make it during your assigned time, please join us for Late Registration from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. CT.

Planning for Round Zero

Each main event will begin competition with a round zero. This is a mandatory practice round that will be conducted, judged, scored, and NSDA-point earning. It will not affect results for the main tournament and results for round zero will not be posted. Students and judges obligated for that day will report to their competition room (or prep room for Extemp) 30 minutes prior to round start time to take attendance and do a tech check. Debate round zero will take place Monday morning and speech round zero will take place Tuesday morning.
Review tournament procedures
Check your registration status
Troubleshoot tech issues
Test the competition site
Shop Nationals gear

Participant Materials and Awards

All materials and awards will be shipped to the address specified by the coach who completed registration.
  • Certificates and ribbons should arrive by early July.
  • Pre-ordered T-shirts should arrive by early July.
  • Awards will be shipped as soon as possible after the tournament. Thank you in advance for your patience with award shipment!

Detailed Competition Schedules

Round start times are now available in the Nationals Procedures. Students and judges will join their rooms on 30 minutes before round start time to resolve any technical issues.

How to Connect with Tournament Officials for Help

Please contact us for support using the methods below. To enable us to support as many users as quickly as possible, please do your best to solve the issue via these tips and the tournament procedures before reaching out. Please do not contact us via multiple methods regarding the same issue.
Zoom Issues » If you're having a technical issue with sound or video in Zoom, please try the suggestions in this troubleshooting guide before contacting us. If issues persist, you can reach out by using the Classrooms.Cloud chat feature in the bottom right corner of the site.
Competition Site Access Issue » If you are unable to access the competition site or are experiencing issues with your account, please contact us by: 
  • Emailing and describing your issue or
  • Visiting the Tech/Tabroom Help room from the Tournament Offices menu
Event Questions » If you have an unidentified person in your room, are missing a student or judge at or after round start time, or have a pressing issue with judging, proedures, ballots, or rules, use the in-room ticketing system to reach out to your event's helpline for assistance.
General Tournament Questions » Please email for support or visit the Ombudsperson Room.
Equity Issues » If you have a concern about how people are treating you that you want to make known to the NSDA and, if appropriate, legal authorities, or you have witnessed behavior that is inconsistent with our NSDA Harassment and Discrimination Policy, please visit the online Equity Office in the Tournament Offices menu. You will be asked to fill out a form sharing your information and describing the violation. You will then discuss the grievance informally and on a verbal basis with the equity officer, who shall in turn investigate the complaint. 
National Speech & Debate Conference: Online 2021

Practice Accessing Competition Spaces

Coaches, students, and judges with accounts linked to the tournament can increase their comfort level prior to Nationals by practicing locating competition spaces. To get started, visit, use the Rooms menu to find the Practice Rooms, and click to enter the Demo room. Then you'll be prompted to log in with your account info.
Unlike during the tournament week, when you click to join via app or join via browser in the room you'll be directed to a Zoom test site. Teams cannot yet access competition rooms, but they will function just like regular Zoom rooms. Each participant who enters the demo room will be taken to their own, separate Zoom test site. You will not be able to practice in the demo room with multiple people. To practice as a team in one Zoom room, go to and sign up for a free account! A few reminders: 
  • We highly recommend using Google Chrome as your browser to access the site. 
  • If your students are having trouble accessing the competition site, double check that their account is linked to their entry, that they don't have multiple accounts (many students do!), or have them reset their password.
  • Find troubleshooting tips in our online competition guide
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