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It's that time of year again and it's your chance to run for the dogs!  On Saturday, August 6 , 2016 the St George Island Sizzler will once again be THE hottest ticket in town. 
On-site registration begins at 4:00 pm, the One mile fun run begins at 6:30, the 5k race starts at 7:00 and the post race party and awards begins at 7:30.
You may pre-register until August 3 by going to  Entry fee is $35.00 but if you pre-register, it's only $30.00.  Your entry includes the race, post party food and libations and beach towel.
We look forward to this annual race and enjoy seeing past participants and meeting new ones.  Please pass this information along to all your running friends and join us August 6th for another sizzling good time! 
The Humane Society was invited to visit and speak to the children that attend project impact, a summer enrichment program in Apalach. We are always happy to participate in school, scouting and church activities that allow us the opportunity  to teach the children about responsible pet ownership, the importance of spaying and neutering and the humane care of animals.
We arrived at 10:00 a.m. and were greeted by 150 smiling faces, all wanting to hold the kittens that were brought. However, before they were allowed to get their little hands on our furry friends, we had a talk and demonstration on how to safely approach a dog and about how many kittens one unaltered female cat can produce in a years time.
After the presentation we had the children sit in circles and each circle was given one kitten to hold and pass along.  We couldn't have been happier with the childrens' gentle handling of the kittens and how well they listened to and participated in the presentation.
If you are part of a youth group and would like to come to the shelter with your group or invite us to a meeting, please feel free to call us at 850-670-8417 to discuss.
We continue to be amazed by and grateful for our supporters generosity.  This beautiful cabinet and shelving unit was donated to us by some local volunteers who were redecorating and had no use for it any longer.  They not only donated it to us but installed it as well.  
This unit has transformed what used to be a rather boring and utilitarian room into an inviting area where people looking to adopt can feel welcome and where staff and volunteers can feel comfortable.  
Thank you to the donators who thought of us and our many needs when deciding who to gift this to.  We truly appreciate your generosity.
Jupiter was left in our drop pen with no information or explanation.  He is a beautiful and young yellow Labrador Retriever.  He was left in good condition and good health.  It's always puzzling to us why an animal like this ends up in the shelter.  It's obvious when we get the emaciated, diseased, old or very young but not when we get a dog like Jupiter.
Many people voice their opinion about dogs and cats being left or taken to a shelter and we understand how heartbreaking it seems.  We have to keep in mind that there are many instances when the shelter is actually the nicest place an animal has ever lived.  The pet has food, water, shelter, love and attention until it is re-homed.  It may be the first time in it's life that people have actually cared for and nurtured it.  In Jupiter's case we must assume that the owners circumstances changed and he/she felt the best place for him to be temporarily was the Humane Society.  Certainly a much better option than the side of the road or the forest. 
Jupiter was adopted quickly and has moved to Tallahassee.  He lives in a house with a swimming pool and has access to Lake Jackson.  Best of all.......he has his own boy to love!
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