Plus, 'Cicada Invasion' Myths, Classics Teach COVID Lessons and More
Plus, 'Cicada Invasion' Myths, Classics Teach COVID Lessons and More
Columbian College

May 2021

Fonest Memories Student Collage
From bonding with classmates to collaborating with professors, Columbian College undergraduate and graduate students recalled their fondest memories as they prepared to receive their 2021 degrees.
As the 17-year brood emerges from the soil, Biology’s John Lill and his colleagues separated cicada fact from fiction, revealing that the swarming insects help the environment—and they don’t bite. 
Lynn Westwater
For her Pandemics in Italian Literature class, Lynn Westwater scoured classic novels and centuries-old chronicles about disease outbreaks for stories that reflect today’s struggles.
Frank Sesno and Ted Turner
A $500,000 CNN gift will help create a Ted Turner Professor of Environmental Media at SMPA to honor the network’s founder (above right with SMPA’s Frank Sesno) and support GW’s focus on sustainability.
Dean Paul Wahlbeck and Gallaudet President Roberta Cordano
CCAS Dean Paul Wahlbeck (bottom left) and Gallaudet President Roberta Cordano (bottom right) gave opening remarks to what is believed to be the first ever bilingual intercollegiate debate held in both American Sign Language and spoken English. 
Ling Hao
When COVID limited students’ access to campus labs, Chemistry’s LaKeisha McClary and Ling Hao (above) designed a do-it-yourself solution to provide an “authentic research experience.”
GW Bicentennial 1821 to 2021
CCAS faculty Elizabeth Vaquera, Sarah Wagner and Antwan Jones shared their findings on COVID's psychological and cultural impact during the CCAS Bicentennial Signature Event.
Dinosaur drawing
Biology’s James Clark was part of an international research team that studied how a dinosaur about the size of a chicken used precise vision and owl-like hearing for nocturnal hunting in the Mongolian desert. 
Chet Sherwood
Recognized for his groundbreaking research on brain evolution in primates and other mammals, Anthropology’s Chet Sherwood became the third current CCAS faculty member to be elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences.  

Additional Headlines


Dana Tai Soon Burgess (Dance) received the Aaron Stein Memorial Award from the American Group Psychotherapy Association.
Ling Hao (Chemistry) received a  $1,323,400 grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the development of mass spectrometry strategies for examining frontotemporal dementia. 
Anyi Mazo-Vargas (Biology) was awarded a $50,000 Ford Foundation 2021 Postdoctoral Fellowship.

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