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Happy Member Appreciation Week!
Happy Member Appreciation Week!

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The Lasting Impact of Speech and Debate

In the latest issue of Rostrum, we check in with the USA Debate Team, pick up tips for making connections between debate and a future professional life, and celebrate the ten year anniversary of the William Woods Tate, Jr., National Student of the Year Award. We caught up with past recipients to find out what they’re up to today and reflect on their time in speech and debate. While they’ve all taken different paths, they still share a common belief—this activity shaped their lives in meaningful and long lasting ways. 
"I remember one instance where an executive approached me after a presentation and asked if I was a high school debater. She said it’s easy to tell the difference between someone with a speech and debate background and someone without that experience. Her comment served as evidence of the exceedingly powerful and lasting impact speech and debate has on our lives." 
- Quinlan Cao, 2012 William Woods Tate, Jr., National Student of the Year 

New Resources

As a member, you have access to great resources to build your skills! Plus, if your school has a Resource Package, you have access to even more exclusive content. Check out what's new this month below or click here to explore more. 

Student Perspective on What to Expect in Each Event

Get the lowdown on each competitive event from students who love them.  Click here to download the guides and explore something new! 

Compete, Serve, Earn Points! 

As a member of the NSDA, you earn points by competing or by performing a service, like giving a public speech, coaching, or judging. The more points you earn, the higher degrees and seals you will earn. Learn more »

What Mark Will You Leave On the World?

Our partners at the John Templeton Foundation are helping students find their purpose through The Purpose Challenge. Seniors have an opportunity to win up to $50,000 in scholarship dollars! Find your purpose and make your college essays count. Learn more »

Send Your Coach a Special Thank You

Is there a coach or educator who has made a difference in your life? Schedule a little message to appear in their inbox on National Speech and Debate Education Day. It only takes a minute and will let them know they've impacted your life!
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