Dear District Leader,
This newsletter contains several important announcements regarding changes to district tournament competition in 2020-2021, including decisions regarding online vs. in-person tournaments and an overview of recent rules changes. Please read this email in its entirety, as well as click on the button below to view the detailed changes not listed here.
The safety of our members is our highest priority. Unfortunately, public health officials' recommendations regarding social distancing and restrictions on community gathering have not changed since in-person NSDA district tournaments were canceled in March. Keeping the well-being of your coaches, students, judges, and communities top of mind, any NSDA district tournament held before January 1, 2021, must be held online in order to be sanctioned as a qualifying event.
By October 31, we will make a decision regarding whether district tournaments held after January 1, 2021, may be held in person. If we do not believe district tournaments can be held in person safely after January 1, 2021, those tournaments will be required to be held online as well. Districts will not be permitted to do an application process to determine qualifiers. Read more about online district tournament requirements hereWe know it is a challenging time to serve as a district leader, and we are so grateful for your adaptability and commitment to delivering speech and debate activities to students. 
Additional District Tournament Changes for 2020-2021

Competition Rule Updates

The Board of Directors met September 18-20, 2020, to discuss rule changes and as leaders, we believe you should have a first look at these changes. An updated manual and Board of Directors minutes will be released in the coming weeks; keep an eye out for the following changes!
Policy Debate Prep Time » Policy Debate preparation time will now be eight minutes for each team instead of five.
Asynchronous Merit Points » In 2020-2021, students may earn NSDA merit points for up to one online, asynchronous competition per day. 
Interpretation Publication Rules » To further align with our core value of equity, the NSDA will pilot new rules surrounding what original sources may be used in Interpretation events, including removal of the requirement that digital sources must be found on the Approved Websites List.
Interpretation Adaptation Rules » The NSDA has clarified the rules regarding the ways in which students may adapt original source material to their performance. Requirements » To provide youth protection and security, the NSDA prohibits usage of and NSDA Campus by student-run/facilitated events without supervision of an adult who is affiliated with an established, educational institution/organization.
District Congress Rules in 2020-2021 » The pilot district qualification rules for Congress will be implemented permanently as the sole set of rules governing district tournaments beginning in 2020-2021.
District Speech & Debate Rules in 2021-2022 » The pilot district qualification rules for speech and debate will be implemented permanently as the sole set of rules governing district tournaments beginning in 2021-2022.
As we move into this challenging school year, your leadership is more essential than ever. We are grateful for your continued support in helping us empower students through speech and debate!
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