CEO Letter, SSA Help
CEO Letter, SSA Help

Summer Fun at KFICCC

Summer is in full swing, and so are the good times at KFICCC!  We are wearing masks, practicing deep cleaning, and taking lots of precautions, but that doesn't hamper our fun explorations.

Thankfulness In The Time Of COVID-19

A Message from Chrissy Shawver, CEO
Covid-19 has impacted our country in profound ways, and our organization is no exception. When the pandemic broke out in early March, every service we provide at The Arc changed in an instant. Our DSPs and staff have adapted quickly, taking on new responsibilities in order to keep the people we support safe.
I am immensely grateful to our employees, volunteers, generous contributors, and Board for rising to the challenges of this pandemic. I know that we will persevere as we continue to find our new normal. 

Join Your Voice With Ours!

Become a member of The Arc Montgomery County today and you can help us create positive change in your community. Membership benefits include newsletters, voting rights at meetings, and membership in both The Arc Maryland and The Arc US.

Nominate a Star

It’s been a year of challenges, impacting every aspect of the work that we do at The Arc Montgomery County.  All around us, our staff, volunteers, and community partners have risen to meet these challenges, so now it’s time to recognize the best of the best with our 2020 Community, Staff & Volunteer Awards.  Please take a few minutes to nominate the stars among us and tell us what sets these heroes apart and how they inspire and impact the people around them.  Click here for more information. 

Make Your Vote Count

Voting is a way for you to help choose the people who will run our government–the people who make laws, decide how money gets spent, and much more.  These elected leaders have a big impact on people with disabilities and their families. If you don't vote, then you don't get a say in what happens. Don't give away your shot: vote! Click here to learn more.

Need Help with Social Security Questions?

The Social Security Administration continues its services during the pandemic. While their offices are not providing service to walk-in visitors due to COVID-19, SSA remains committed to providing ongoing benefits and vital services and can help you by phone with most Social Security matters. You can speak with a representative by calling their local offices:  Rockville 866.838.5341 or Silver Spring 877.512.3848. Click here for more information. (Informacion en espanol esta aqui.)

New Website for Disability Services

There's a new one stop shop for Montgomery County residents who need information on Disability Services. It covers everything from programs to transportation services to publications. Check it out today! Click here to visit the site. 
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