Employer Awards Nominations Due January 31

Isn’t it time your company sought some recognition for all the hard work you’ve put into starting, improving or expanding your alternative commute or telework program? Consider nominating your company for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ Commuter Connections 2023 Employer Recognition Awards.
Award Categories: Each year, Commuter Connections selects a winning employer in each of three categories from around the DMV area.
  • Incentives: This category is for employers that offer commuter incentives to encourage and reward employees for using alternatives to solo driving. Incentives may include transit and vanpool subsidies; pre-tax benefits; preferred or discounted parking for carpools and vanpools; flex-time schedules; free shuttle service; or providing facilities and equipment such as bike racks, showers, and lockers.
  • Marketing: This award is meant for employers that champion the use of alternative transportation options by frequently and creatively promoting commute alternatives to employees.
  • Telework: Do you have telework policies that allow your employees to work from home, or at a local telework or co-working center, one or more days per week? Do you offer training for teleworkers and for management of teleworkers? Do you provide internet reimbursement, laptops, software, and other equipment to make working remotely seamless? Then this is the award category for your company.

Eligibility: Your commuter program needs to have been in place a year or more (i.e., was started on or before January 1, 2022) to be eligible.

  • The selection committee looks for employer programs that produce real results, and whose commute policies have improved the lives of their employees — and the region.
  • For examples of past winners, check out the inspiring employer programs that Commuter Connections honored in 2022, 2021, and 2020.

Why It Matters: Promoting and facilitating your employees’ use of alternative commuting methods is a big deal. Commute choices like transit, teleworking, carpooling/vanpooling, and bicycling/walking help reduce traffic congestion, fuel consumption, and air pollution. Winners serve as a great example for other employers around the region.
Deadline: Nominations are due by January 31 via Commuter Connections’ online nomination form.
Questions? This is a regional awards program managed by Commuter Connections, but feel free to contact Brandan Stuckey at BTS (301-656-0868 x129 or Bstuckey@bethesda.org) if you have questions.
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Winter Walking Safety Tips

“Bethesda is very walkable, but drivers, cyclists and pedestrians should all be extra careful during winter’s dark commute hours,” said BTS Director Kristen Blackmon.

Think WOW to Stay Safe
  • Watch for turning vehicles when crossing a street, and always stay in marked crosswalks.
  • Observe flashing lights and walk/don’t-walk signals at intersections. Only move when it’s safe. Whether you’re a pedestrian, a cyclist or a driver, that means always pay attention and never insist on the right of way.
  • Watch for construction lane closures and signs redirecting pedestrians, drivers and cyclists.

Bright Idea

Are you a “blender” or a “blinker”? (When you’re walking, do you wear dark clothes that blend into the night? Or, do you wear bright hues that signal your presence to motorists and cyclists?)
  • You need to be easily seen by drivers.
  • Show you’re there by wearing at least one high-visibility light-color garment while you’re walking.
  • Carry a flashlight or attach a small blinking colored light to your clothing.

Be Construction-Aware & Report Road/Sidewalk Hazards

Cool Commute Contest Continues

Spot an eye-catching example of downtown Bethesda’s unique winter magic? Take a photo and submit it to the Cool Commute Contest.
Who: You, if you work or live in downtown Bethesda. (No pro photographers, though, please.)

You might be walking, biking or riding the bus to work in downtown Bethesda when you come upon a winter scene you think others might enjoy.

You Could Win:
BTS will select six photos to win $50, $75 and $100 Amazon e-gift cards or Bethesda Bucks e-cards.

Submit your photo(s) through February 24, 2023

How: Email your picture(s) to Brandan Stuckey at BStuckey@bethesda.org.

MCDOT News: Bethesda Parking Garage Updates
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WMATA News: Metro's Five-Year Strategic Plan
See details on the Metro Strategic Plan here and fill out an online form about the Metro Strategic Plan here.

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