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We are happy to report that Freddie was transported to Tampa Bay SPCA to be adopted.  After almost 6 weeks of care here with us, Freddie was healthy enough to be transferred and will be placed on the adoption floor upon his arrival.
Tampa Bay is a top notch organization and because they are located in a very populated area of the state, they are able to adopt much quicker than we are sometimes able to do.  We have requested a picture of Freddie and his adopter when his big day arrives.
Below is a picture of Freddie the day before transport.  We don't think it will take our good looking sweet boy long to find his forever home!
The day before Freddie left to go to Tampa we received a phone call from a man who had found a puppy in the woods while hiking.  He told us the pup had mange and that he couldn't keep her and asked us if we could take her, treat her and adopt her.  We said yes.
She came to us in the condition you see in the picture above.  She had both kinds of mange and was miserable from the itchy skin and infection it caused.  She had sores on her body and of course, intestinal parasites.  Despite all of that, her tail never stopped wagging.
This little girl is our next "project".  We know from Freddie and the others like him that she will heal, grow and in a month or so, become a perfectly adoptable pup.  We also know that we are very fortunate to have the support of a community of people who are willing to donate to the cause which allows us to do this work.  Thank you!
Faye and Sam are 8 month old Miniature Pinschcer and Chihuahua mix puppies.  They are a bonded pair so we would like to adopt them together if possible.  
Faye is a happy and social little girl with bright eyes and a pert expression.  Sam is more timid but his worried expression disappears once he gets to know you a little.
Both are good with other dogs, older children and even cats.  They are housebroken and both love affection and attention.  If you are interested in this pair, please call 850-670-8417.
You may remember reading about Noel in a prior newsletter.  She was "Marsha's" best friend who would go to the dog park with Marsha and her foster family.
Noel came to us in December 2016 via animal control and with two, 2 week old puppies.  They were found surviving in the woods behind someones house.  Noel wasn't feral but she definitely hadn't been socialized.  She bonded to us but remained wary of strangers and due to that, she was overlooked at the shelter.
When Marsha was adopted, her foster family decided to foster Noel during her heartworm treatment and until a home was found.  Well.....a home has been found....with them!  Noel has bonded so closely to them that they can't give her up.  They have seen her progress from a timid, fearful dog to a dog who is full of life, mischief and fun.  She has become a "velcro" dog and has managed to transform their lives even while they have transformed hers.
Below are pictures of Noel in her new home, loving her new life and her new family.
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