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The 18th annual St. George Island Summer Sizzler is being held on August 8, 2015.  The one mile fun run begins at 6:30 pm and the 5K race begins at 7:00 pm.  There will be a post run party again this year featuring fresh local seafood, beverages and live music by Debi Jordan. All proceeds benefit the Franklin County Humane Society.  The homeless pups and kitties are worth your blood, sweat and tears and we thank you!
Things aren't always black and white....but sometimes they are. We have many adorable black and black and white kittens waiting to be adopted. You all know these are the hardest to place so to help motivate you to make a black and white decision, we are reducing our adoption fee to only $25.00 for all of our black, tuxedo and tabby kitties. Seems pretty black and white to us!
This beautiful girl was found wandering around SGI.  She was spotted by many people who contacted us via facebook and phone but no one could capture her before she bolted.  She didn't bark, growl or show any aggression, in fact she would sashay right into someones back yard or deck if they were grilling and wait patiently for a hand out.
We suggested that Animal Control be called to trap her if necessary and bring her to us.  As it turns out, she was sleeping soundly when the animal control officer approached and he was able to  loop a leash around her neck without incident.  She walked right off the island and into our hearts.
Sheba appears to be a white German Shepherd mix.  She is only a year or two old, she is heartworm negative and other than a bad ear infection, in good health.  She is a very social and intelligent dog who gets along well with other dogs and even cats.
We always say "we wish they could talk".  We have no idea how a dog like this ends up in this situation but we know one thing for curtain, we will find Sheba the home she deserves with a family who will never, ever abandon her.  A home where she will be loved and cared for and won't mind if she bellies up to the bbq.
Parker a.k.a. Mojo was picked up as a stray by two women in Lanark Village on Parker Avenue.  He was a sweet hound dog and they very much wanted to adopt him themselves but neither was in a position to do so.  He tested positive for heartworms and his rescuers insisted on paying for his treatment.  We had him treated, neutered, vaccinated and put up for adoption.
Hounds, as most of you know, are very hard to find homes for, especially in this area.  So Parker sat and sat here, overlooked by every potential adopter.  We kept him happy and healthy but no amount of time given to a dog in a shelter compares to the love they would receive in a home.  
One of our volunteers, musician Debi Jordan, took him to the beach one day. You wouldn't necessarily think a hound would like the water, sand and salt but Parker took to it like a Labrador.  He had a blast chasing birds, digging holes and swimming.  He was exhausted but happy when Debi returned him to the shelter.
Several days later Debi was back, stating that she couldn't stop thinking about him and that she wanted to foster him for awhile.  It only took a couple weeks for Debi to become a foster failure.  Parker, now Mojo, had weaseled his way into her heart by being the perfect dog for her lifestyle.  He went everywhere with her and made friends wherever he went.  
Most mornings you will find Mojo on Carrabelle Beach chasing seagulls, barking at dolphins and playing with his best friend Scupper.  He loves the beach so much that he has his own facebook page "MOJO the coastal clean-up dog" where you can follow his experiences and his concerns about the local environment.
Mojo has gone from anonymity to celebrity thanks to his mom Debi Jordan, whom you can meet at the Summer Sizzler August 8th.  Debi not only provides a wonderful home for one of our dogs, she also selflessly provides entertainment for many of our fundraisers. She is a true ambassador for the Franklin County Humane Society.
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