Friday STEM News
Friday STEM News

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As the school year comes to a close, we'd like to acknowledge the teachers and speakers who participate in our Nifty Fifty Program. The Nifty Fifty are a group of noted science and engineering professionals who fan out across the country to speak about their work and careers at various middle and high schools. Featuring some of the most inspiring role models in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, this signature program of the USA Science & Engineering Festival presents students with the latest in green technology, engineering, human health and medicine, astronomy and space exploration, nanotechnology, computer science, and more.
Were your students inspired by a Nifty Fifty speaker? Please contact us here if you are interested in sharing your story on social media. 
We are currently seeking funding for the 2019/2020 Nifty Fifty school year. Please help us continue to reach thousands of students with this impactful school program!  Donate here or learn more about sponsorships below. 
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STEM in the News

Each Friday, we will send out a list of articles that highlight STEM initiatives which align with our mission to inspire the next generation of innovators.  In this week's line-up, read how diverse role models will shape the future; learn about the lost Einsteins; discover Sylvia Acevedo's, CEO of the Girls Scouts, tips to advance young women in technology and more! 
Friday STEM News

X-STEM Video Library 

We are continuing to upload talks from X-STEM DC 2019 to our website video library. Our next talk features Dr. Christian Hubicki.  This prominent robotics research scientist is tackling one of the most challenging problems in his field: creating robots that walk and run on two legs like humans!
Our X-STEM videos are a terrific educational resource for any classroom. Students can hear from a variety of visionaries exploring topics like conservation, medical research, space travel, math, weather patterns, and much more! End your school year with an X-STEM video! 
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Reach Students with Role Models 

Help us continue to inspire students with STEM Role Models! As referenced in a recent article in Education Dive, "Giving students role models that can inspire them is crucial to their ability to visualize their future. Role models must also reflect what students themselves look like as well, from race to gender, to counter stereotypes long presented to students in terms of scientists, engineers, leaders, and teachers as well." Barack, Lauren. "Diverse role models shape the futures students envision". Education Dive, Web, 29, May 2019. 
Our team works diligently to recruit a diverse group of speakers for our Nifty Fifty and X-STEM education programs. We also strive to showcase a variety of STEM disciplines such as oceanography, cancer research, robotics, aerospace engineering, green technology, mathematics, video game design and so much more. If you would like to nominate a speaker,  please click here. 
We are seeking organizations to sponsor our speaker programs and allow us to continue to help shape the future for these young minds. Please click the link below to learn more. 
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Farrell Family Foundation
ResMed Foundation
Space Camp & Aviation Challenge


American Association of Chemistry Teachers 
American Chemical Society
American Scientist 
Chemical & Engineering News
Sigma Xi


American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Boston Scientific
Pennsylvania State University
Space Camp
U.S. Department of Energy


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