Important Dates

April 30th - Final Day of 2021 Spring Season (Rec. & Select Teams)
June 14th thru June 27th - Returning Climbers Registration
June 28th thru July 11th - Registration Opens to Waitlisted Families
June 12th - Open Registration for Remaining Slots
August 2nd - First Day of 2021 Fall Season (Rec. & Select Teams)

COVID Protocols

The following are steps we’re taking across all facilities to keep our Youth Team climbers safe, while still giving them the opportunity to climb. Please make sure your climber is ready to follow these instructions from their first day of team onwards.
  • Any climber or coach exhibiting any symptoms or a heightened temperature will be required to stay home
  • All climbers are required to wear a facemask, including coaches and climbers
  • Climbers will move in smaller groups and each group is set for the foreseeable future
  • Climbers and coaches will be asked to maintain a distance of 6ft. from one another as much as possible

Summer Camp Registration is Open!

Summer Camps is coming up in just a few months! If your climber would like to continue climbing through the Summer have them join us for a week of camp!
  • Climbing, fun, games, and many of the same coaches from our Recreation and Select Teams!
  • A full week of climbing activities from 9am-3pm; Monday through Friday!
  • Learn more and see our available weeks for registration HERE

Summer Memberships! 

*Recreation & Select Team Specific*
  • Last week of the season is April 26th-30th, following this we are on Summer Break until August 2nd
  • If you wish to maintain a gym membership for the reduced cost of $50/month please contact Coach Sam at
  • Competition Team climbers will continue to train through the Summer, further information will be provided in the near future

USAC Bouldering Regionals - Official

*Competition & Select Team Specific*
  • If your score at a Qualifying Event places you in the Top 25 of your Age Category you may compete in Regionals
    • Scores for Sport Qualifying events should be official by April 19th
  • Regionals for Bouldering and Ropes have been postponed to late May/early June and Divisionals have been cancelled for this season
    • Regionals for all Disciplines will likely be combined and the Top Four in each age category, for each discipline will move on to Nationals.
    • It is possible to qualify for Nationals in one discipline but not another.
  • As more information on climbing schedules for the competition arise we will send out information to those competing and share during team
You can watch the entire video but the best portion begins around 1:02:10. Ai Mori, the 17-year old defending champion aims to overtake decorated veteran Akiyo Noguchi to claim a 2nd national championship. Take note of her decision making near the top of the route and her execution of the final crux.
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