It takes 21 days to form a habit. 

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Week 1: Voting
Today's Challenge: Racism and the Women's Suffrage Movement 
2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which guarantees and protects women's constitutional right to vote. 
However, the fight for women's suffrage was not as straightforward as you might think. Today we are going to examine the intersection of race and gender and how this played out during the fight for the 19th Amendment. Black women were marginalized in the movement and their contributions sidelined by history. Today we need to look back at these pioneering leaders and how they laid the groundwork for universal suffrage and the civil rights movement.
In addition to taking on one or all of the challenges below, consider adding Vanguard: How Black Women Broke Barriers, Won the Vote, and Insisted on Equality for All to your fall reading list.

We Challenge You To Take...

Read this article about the Black suffragists who fought for the vote, while fighting racist backlash from the movement's white leadership, many of whom did not believe that any Black person should have the right to vote before white women. 
Read about five amazing women of color who bravely fought for the abolition of slavery, the rights of women, and civil rights in the United States. They pioneered the idea of intersectionality more than a century before the term would be officially coined in 1989. 
Watch this video about the untold stories of Black women in the Suffrage Movement. This video encourages us to do more to honor and remember the Black women who bravely fought for universal suffrage. 
The State of Tennessee played a crucial role in ratifying the 19th Amendment by earning the distinction as the 36th and final state needed to make women's suffrage the law of the land. 
If you have a little extra time today, take 30 minutes to listen to this podcast and learn how race played a role in Tennessee’s women’s suffrage movement.

Voting Week Action Items

  • If you live in West Knoxville/Knox County, there is a Tennessee House of Representatives candidate forum TODAY- Learn more HERE
  • Have you completed the 2020 Census yet? If not, you can by clicking HERE.
  • Register to vote in the 2020 election or assist someone else in registering by clicking HERE.
  • The League of Women Voters Knoxville/Knox County has put together a fact sheet for absentee voting. Click HERE to see if you qualify. 
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