County of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara County Voter Ballots Started Arriving in Mailboxes Today
The County Voter Information Guide is Available Online Now; Printed Version to Follow Later This Week

(September 29, 2020) - Registered voters in Santa Barbara County started receiving their mailed ballots today ahead of the county Voter Information Guide, not to be confused with the California State Voter Information Guide that started arriving last week.

Yesterday afternoon (Sept. 28), ballots were delivered to the local United States Postal Service (USPS) to ensure voters received their ballot with ample time to vote and return prior to Election Day. In less than 24 hours, ballots started arriving in voter mailboxes today due to the great service provided by our local USPS staff.

County Elections is mailing the County Voter Information Guide to voters beginning Thursday, October 1. However, voters may view the County Voter Information Guide and State Voter Information Guide online now or choose to wait for and review the printed guides to arrive before voting their ballot.

In 2019, the California State Legislature passed AB 49, the California Voter Protection Act that changed
the requirement for the timeframe for county election officials to mail ballots from “beginning 29 days before the day of the election” to “no later than 29 days before an election” and also requires officials complete any vote-by-mail mailing within five days.
  1. Voter Information Guides are required to be prepared by at least 29 days before the election, or October 5 in this case.
  2. Voter Information Guides are required to be mailed to any voter registered as of October 5 by the 10th day before the election.
  3. County Elections will continue to mail ballots throughout the voting period up to seven days before the election for new registrants or to voters needing a replacement ballot.
The Santa Barbara County Registrar of Voters Office wants to help make the voting process as easy as possible. For questions or assistance, please go to or call (805) 568-2200.

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