S.E.T.U.P. for Success - Understanding
S.E.T.U.P. for Success - Understanding
OCTOBER 11, 2017
S.E.T.U.P. for Success - Crushing the Fourth Quarter
Over the past months we’ve looked at the first three parts of S.E.T.U.P.—screen, educate, test, and understand. This month we’ll take a look at the nuances of case presentation, and pay special attention to why the fourth quarter is such a great time to activate prior unresolved cases.
  • S - Screen - Screen patients for sleep breathing disorders.
  • E - Educate – Educate staff about sleep health conversations with patients.
  • T - Test – Initiate sleep testing or obtain a copy of a pre-existing sleep study.
U - Understand – Discuss the implications of the study with the patient and help them understand the risks and benefits of treatment.
P - Present – Successfully presenting physician-recommended sleep health solutions.  

Case Presentation

At this point we’ve been through "U" for "understanding." The patient has had a sleep study done, or you have accessed a copy of a prior sleep study. You have conducted the visual and intraoral exam, as well as an airway assessment, and now have a good picture of the pathology of his or her sleep breathing disorder. Now you must make a compelling case for treatment!

The first thing to remember is that case presentation is a lot more than just explaining the sleep study and treatment options. You really have to pull together all the details that got you to this point. Go back to the first conversations you had with your patient and stress the same points that made him or her willing to open (or reopen) this can of worms. Read More...

Marty R. Lipsey, DDS, MS

President, MedicalBillingForDentists.com & Dental Sleep Med Systems  


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