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The SGI Brewest was attended by 800 people who came from all over the Southeast to sample craft beer from over 40 breweries.  The day was warm and sunny and everyones mood mirrored it.  The beer, food and music kept the event lively and no one was in a hurry to leave.
This amazing event benefits the Franklin County Humane Society and when all was said and done, we were presented with a $40,000.00 check.  The support, energy, and dedication of the Brewfest committee and all the volunteers to make this event possible is deeply appreciated.
The Humane Society adopted 4 puppies, 2 dogs and a cat and were reunited with several dogs that were adopted at last year's event.  We look forward to SGI Brewfest 2020.  You don't want to miss it!
Many of you have been following Red Bono's story.  He was left in the drop-pen on January 3.  A good samaritan picked him up on the side of HWY 65 emaciated and unable to walk due to a fractured pelvis.  After being examined by our Vet and x-rays taken, it looked to be a fracture that typically heals on its own with time.  Unfortunately for Red, his didn't heal as anticipated.
During the period of time he was waiting to heal, this shy, skinny, neglected dog slowly came out of his shell.  He began to greet staff and volunteers at his kennel door when approached.  He started wagging his tail, walking on leash and serenading us all with his beautiful coonhound bay.
When it became apparent that surgery was necessary, we reached out to our supporters for donations to put toward his surgery.  Thanks to all of you, we were able to raise the money through our second chance fund and schedule his operation. Red came through the ordeal very well but recuperation in a shelter situation was not ideal.  Oh how we wished someone would come along to foster him through this time.  
Many people in the area had met or heard about Red and were on the look out for someone who might be willing to foster or adopt.  A couple from Atlanta who were visiting SGI were told about him.  They had recently lost their rescue Great Dane and had always adopted dogs with special needs so they decided to come to the shelter to meet Red Bono.
Red was still shy with strangers so it took several visits before he relaxed with them, but once he did, they could see how special he was and see his potential.  They did some research on what physical therapy would entail and also about heartworm treatment as Red Bono still had heartworm treatment to go through.  Even facing a fairly long therapy time line and heartworm treatment, they decided to adopt him, take him home to Atlanta, and complete his therapy and treatments.
Red's adopters have kept us posted on his transition, therapy and state of mind.  Apparently he is a natural in the water and although not weight bearing yet, they anticipate he will be in a few weeks.
He has made himself right at home and now enjoys sleeping on their bed, chewing on hats and playfully destroying his stuffed toys.  He has also met a neighborhood of friends where he can be seen happily walking with his pack having been fully accepted by them and their humans.
Redford, as he is now known, had a rough start in life. He endured more than he should have had to and experienced the dark side of life, but that is all over.  He is in the loving arms of an extraordinary couple where he will live a full, happy and comfortable life!
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