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In this issue: Score reports released, new data about the online exam, and how we can help with technical issues.
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Cut Scores Set for All Exam Divisions
The updated cut scores for all six ARE® 5.0 divisions have been set, and score reports have been released. Starting tomorrow, candidates will have the option to view provisional scores at the end of each exam. Thank you to all the candidates who were part of the early testing process! 

Based on early results, pass rates rose slightly for five divisions and decreased slightly for one division. Early findings also reveal that candidates generally perform equally well whether testing online or in person. Updates to the exam’s timing have also been positive: Candidates are taking advantage of the flexible break option, plus spending less time answering some questions (like the new three-option multiple choice), and more time answering complex questions that require calculations. Plus, performance on questions that require calculations hasn’t dropped—and in the majority of cases, has increased slightly. These initial findings demonstrate that the exam’s latest updates help ensure the ARE is a test of competency, not speed.

How We Can Help With Technical Issues
We’re sorry that the recent increase in technical issues is causing additional stress and uncertainty for candidates. Unfortunately, NCARB—along with other organizations who use the same testing software—has seen an increase in reported technical issues (now up to about 13%). These issues range from error messages that don’t impact the exam delivery, to more serious interruptions that prevent a candidate from completing their exam. Monitoring and addressing these issues continues to be a top priority for NCARB, and we are actively working with our vendors to resolve them as soon as possible.

If you experience a technical issue, please follow these steps so we can log your incident and provide next steps:
  • Immediately notify your test center administer or online proctor
  • Contact us in writing within 15 days
  • If you were unable to complete the exam due to a major technical issue, we will work with you to reschedule the division at no cost 

ARE Prep and Troubleshooting Tips
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To facilitate your check-in and testing experience, review NCARB’s Online Proctoring Requirements and keep these helpful tips in mind.
  • Schedule a free, 30-minute test run before your exam appointment through your NCARB Record to confirm you meet online testing requirements
  • Practice using the whiteboard and navigation tools through our 75-question demo exam
  • Make sure your external webcam can automatically focus on your ID up close
  • Adjust the volume up before your appointment, since headphones aren’t permitted
  • Download and install Prometric’s ProProctor app before your appointment
  • Watch our step-by-step guide to setting up an online testing space
  • Post your questions (and study tips!) on the ARE 5.0 Community

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