The Fraternity is pleased to announce The Phoenix Member Education Program is now available. This exciting evolution of our educational offerings for chapters replaces the True Gentleman Experience, with an expectation that chapters and colonies begin utilizing the program beginning this fall. The Phoenix Member Education Program has been developed through collaboration with chapter members and alumni and it was piloted to select chapters in the spring for feedback and improvement.  The resulting program is one that raises and expands our educational efforts. The program lends itself to whichever way a chapter may be meeting - in person or via Zoom/Gmeet/GotoMeeting. With exciting and engaging content, including videos demonstrating our songs, SAE’s history and education have never been more alive.
There are two editions of this document - one for chapters, one for colonies. Some of the curriculum is adjusted slightly for the colony experience.  The links to each are available below:

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the phoenix MEMBER ED PROGRAM!

For further assistance and education on the program, the Educational Programs team will be providing meeting opportunities for those interested.  These meetings are meant to train Eminent Archons, Member Educators, Advisors, and any other fraternity leaders interested in learning how to facilitate and implement The Phoenix Member Education Program. These trainings, about an hour in length,  will provide attendees with an in-depth look into the key areas of the program and how to effectively implement each component and lesson.
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