August 2020
August 2020
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Music To Our Ears
Maybe you listen to terrestrial radio; stream a service such as Spotify; watch performers on Netflix, satellite TV, or YouTube; or attend live concerts. If so, you know what we’re talkin’ about. Music really does make the world go ’round.
There’s nothing like a road trip accompanied by a favorite travel playlist, such as FMCA’s own Road Trip Tunes on Spotify. You also can enjoy tropical rock 24/7 courtesy of FMCA members Eric and Gina Babin. Technology isn’t always needed, of course; anyone who has sat around a campfire with friends and guitars can attest to that.
This month we speak the universal language of music. Sing along if you’d like!
The FMCA Team
A Musical Journey
Get your toes tappin’ on Fantasy RV Tours’
13-Day Made In America Music caravan. This “jukebox tour” visits the music meccas of Nashville, Memphis, and Branson, featuring live country, jazz, blues, and even contemporary music. Attend a Grand Ole Opry performance and tour iconic sites, including Graceland, Sun Studios, the Ryman Auditorium, and BB King’s Blues Club. Adding harmony to this melodious mission: great dining, a cruise on the Branson Belle, and seven exciting Branson shows! To learn more, call (855) 385-3622 or click here.

Join FMCA & Save

Save on RV-related necessities like insurance and roadside assistance as well as FMCA member-only tours like this one with Fantasy RV Tours!
How Do I?
Round and Round

The FMCA Tire Savings Program offers a great way to save money on Michelin, Hankook, and Continental tires for your RV and passenger vehicle.  Learn about the program here.  For a step-by-step look, check out this informative video!
FMCA Tire Savings Program Video
Soak In The History
Music lovers may find it difficult to accept that most concerts and other live performances will not return until next year. In the meantime, several legendary music venues invite visitors to savor the atmosphere where musical history was made.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre  Morrison, Colorado
Located 16 or so miles west of Denver, Red Rocks Park features many trails with breathtaking views of the region’s signature red rock formations. You can even tour the famous amphitheater that brings music fans from around the world to the area.

Original Site of Woodstock Bethel, New York
Take a trip back to the site of an event that influenced a generation. The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts has much more to see than the dairy farm that was there in August 1969 when the Woodstock festival took place. Visit the museum, stroll along multiple trails, and walk through the fields that once held hundreds of thousands of music fans.

Grand Ole Opry Nashville, TN
Country music fans have been flocking to Nashville to witness the magic for decades. The number-one location on any country music tour is the Grand Ole Opry. Ticket packages include guided tours that provide insight about the many legends that helped shape the history of country music.
Save With FMCA Tech Connect+
Everything you need to keep your gadgets running on RV trips is packaged together in this easy, affordable benefit exclusively for FMCA members.  For just $49.99 per month (plus a one-time rental fee of $39.99), you'll gain access to a package of tech-related offers, including a Sprint mobile hotspot, to keep you connected on the road.  No contract required!
An Update Regarding the Sprint/T-Mobile Merger: The current plan FMCA members enjoy is not subject to change and the hotspots have the ability to communicate on both Sprint and T-Mobile Bands.  There are no anticipated service interruptions.
FMCA Tech Connect+
Family RVing Magazine
Member Engagement
Family RVing Magazine
Often rated as FMCA's #1 benefit; members automatically receive a monthly subscription to Family RVing lucky you!  Each issue features trip ideas, the latest industry news, and information RVers need to know.  A digital version of each issue is available 24/7 at
"Committee Season" Is Just Around The Corner
Increasing membership engagement is one of the biggest challenges of any organization, big or small.  Finding ways to engage the needs of its members is ultimately what will keep an organization like FMCA going.  For many, involvement includes volunteering for one of FMCA's many committees, for which the selection process begins at the end of August this year (what would have been after our International Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska).  To learn more about the efforts of the FMCA Member Engagement Committee, visit

Education Opportunities

RV beginner or RV veteran, FMCA is your one-stop shop for RV tips, tricks, education, classes and more.  Join today and see for yourself!

Dakota Ridge RV Park, C12487 — Located in beautiful Golden, Colorado, Dakota Ridge RV Park is nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the hustle and bustle of Denver.  Perfect for your outdoor adventures and big city culture.  Plus, FMCA members receive a 10% discount!  To learn more visit 
Play Well With Others?
If you’re musically inclined, you might enjoy the camaraderie of FMCA’s own Frustrated Maestros. Nine geographically based Frustrated Maestros chapters are in existence. Find the one nearest you here.
Wander Across The Miles
Ride along with the Eppersons, F488212 — Jason, Abby, and their three boys — who began their travels in a converted school bus affectionately called the Wander Bus. Visit Jason and Abby’s websites:,, and Or, take a listen to their RVMiles and America’s National Parks podcasts.
Explore The Queen City
You might say the FMCA staff is a little biased about the many great things to see and do in Cincinnati, home of the national office. The FMCA Campground makes a great place to overnight in your RV and take off to explore the charms of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Learn more here.
Preparation Is The Key

“Be prepared” is a good motto during this pandemic, whether you’re on the road or at home.

As you know, the first line of defense against germs is a good hand washing! Yet, sometimes this is not possible, so hand sanitizer is your next best option. If you’re finding it hard to locate hand sanitizer in stores, here is a recipe on How to Make Hand Sanitizer at home, along with some helpful Q&As.

Do you have enough face masks? Or need some extra for your RV, home, or car? Check out the CDC’s recommended guidelines on How to Make Cloth Face Coverings. This article has both sew and no-sew instructions, so there is no need to worry about learning a new hobby in the process.

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