April Email Newsletter 2022

From the Camp Director:

We are starting to get very excited about Summer Camp 2022. So many new things for campers to enjoy this summer. I love the idea that we are going to be teaching Acts 2:42-46 and encourage young people to be devoted to the body of Christ. I really can't wait to see what God is going to do through the lives of young people who will devote their life to Christ and the Church. One of the ways we, as adults, can help our young people with this is to show them we are serious about our own walk with Christ and let them see in us our own devotion to the Church. If you have not registered your child for camp yet, we want to encourage you to do so. The new registration system is working out very nice. There are some really great features with this new system. Make sure you get your family profile created so you can easily choose a camp for your kids to come to. 
Gary Baker - Executive Director

The New Ziplines: 

We are so excited about the New Ziplines. YES! Two Ziplines!  We did want you to know that there are a few changes compared to the last zipline. Let us share with you some those changes so you can be prepared. 
1.  A full-body harness will need to be worn. This might take a little longer until everyone gets used to putting those on. 
2.  It is higher! You will need to climb two towers. The first tower is 44 feet tall. The second tower is 24 feet tall. 
3.  Restrictions: because this is a taller and longer zipline we do have some standard restrictions campared to our last zipline. One restriction is weight. Campers will need to weigh at least 75 pounds to ride and there will be a max weight of 250 pounds because you will be landing on the ravine. 
We can't wait until you experience the thrill of this LEAP of Faith!!! 

Summer Camp Update:

Some of our camps have a limited number of spots for registrations. Here is a list of camps and the number of spots we left available:
5th & 6th Grade Horse - 9 spots left  
7th & 8th Grade Horse - 14 spots left
9-13 Grade Horse -7 spots left
5th & 6th Paintball -24 spots left
7th & 8th Grade Paintball - 12 spots left
9-13 Grade Paintball - 27 spots left
9-13 Grade Wilderness Camp - Full 
3rd & 4th Grade Wilderness - 26 spots left
5th & 6th Grade Wilderness - 23 spots left 
7th & 8th Grade Wilderness - 27 spots left 
Remember the discount ends on June 5th. 

Faculty for Summer Camps:

We want to remind everyone who supports Hanging Rock, that we are a volunteer based ministry. That means we have limited year around staff and we have volunteers that help as faculty during the summer. In the past few years we have had less and less faculty for our camps. Last year we had 140 at Jr. High Main and only 12 faculty. YIKES! The Jr. Highers knew we were outnumbered as well. LOL. It takes volunteers from our supporting churches to come and pour into the lives of our young people. Every camp session needs volunteers: Faculty responsibilities include:
  • Dorm parents 
  • Small group leader
  • Teaching
  • Supervision at activities/freetime 
Because we have had less and less faculty our camp committee  and Board of Directors have decided that we should hire more summer staff that could be used as faculty. So, we have hired 4 extra summer staff which is also very difficult. What that means is in the future, hiring more staff means we will have to increase the cost of camp. Something we REALLY do not want to do. If you are a youth sponsor at your church, you help with Jr. Church or Children's church, you teach Sunday School, you have a heart for young people and helping them draw closer to Christ, we need your help. 
The process is this:
1.  Fill out the faculty application - (button below) - on that application let us know which camp or camps you want to help with.
2.  The camp will send your information to that Event Coordinator and they will contact you with information about that camp session and let you know how you can help. 
3.  A background check is done on all of our staff and volunteers. 
4. You come and be a part of camp. A life changing experience. Unlike other mission organizations, we do not charge you to volunteer. We feed you and give you lodging and have a faculty room for you with snacks and pop or water. 
Will you pray about volunteering at Hanging Rock this summer? 
Faculty Application

Great Is Thy Faithfulness Campaign:

We are just one project away from completeing our Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign. We have finished the Girls's dorm bathrooms and the new ziplines have been installed. So, our last project for this campaign is to remodel our Hanging Rock Hilton. Our goal is to provide an individual handicap accessible bathroom for each of the 8 bedrooms in the Hilton. We will also turn the current restrooms into a meeting space. This will be a BIG project. We are anticipating the cost of this project to be $120,000.00.  We have raised $51,799 So we are going to need to raise $68,201.00.  We are planning some fundraisers to help reach our goal. The Paddle the Wabash, Golf Scramble, Pancake Breakfast & Our Year End Banquet. Our Goal is to have this raised by December so we can do construction from December 2022 - February 2023. 

From the Associate Director:

Summer camp is right around the corner, and we are in full swing of getting ready for another great summer here at Hanging Rock. This will be my second summer overseeing the food service side of things and I am just as excited as I was last year. A little less nervous, but still nervous some too. It is a big responsibility to help cook, serve, set menus, clean up, order food, put food orders away, manage staff, set schedules, and keep track of food allergies. I am confident in my team and know that we will rock it again this summer. However, I am looking for volunteers in the kitchen for the summer. If you or someone you know would like to help in the kitchen, please have them reach out to me at toddblair@hangingrock.org even if it is just one meal a week it will be a huge help in serving the campers who are here to learn about Jesus. I am looking for people to help with any and all meals any day of the week they are able to. Some of the responsibilities may include dessert prep, salad bar prep, serving, cleaning tables, filling salt and pepper, putting food orders away, or anything else in the kitchen that might need done. Even if it is your small group, Bible study friends, Sunday School class group that wants to come help, I would love to chat with you about how you can help make this summer the best one yet for food service here at Hanging Rock Christian Camp! 
Todd Blair, Associate Director

Kitchen Help

Paddle the Wabash Fundraiser:

We are excited about brining back the voyager canoes. Each canoe will be able to hold 12 people. We will have two canoes that day with plans to fill them both. We will start at 9:00 am and be finished by Noon. We will put in in Attica and take out in Covington. Every particpant will recieve a t-shirt and we will feed you lunch. The person to raise the most money will receive an assortment of gift cards totaling $500. Please let Gary know if you plan to participate in this great day to raise money to put handicapped bathrooms in the Hanging Rock Hilton. 
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