September 2020
September 2020
The Mile Marker By FMCA
Ah, Technology
If the past few months have taught us anything, it's that technology is an extremely helpful tool that allows us to connect in ways we never dreamed possible.  We're living in a digital world, and while some people may fear that, we've embraced it at FMCA.
Even the RV lifestyle — which can be an escape from all the chaos of "normal" life — has been infiltrated by apps, podcasts, and gadgets that exist within an enormous online community.  RV bloggers have taken their adventures online in an effort to share their experience with their family and friends back home and the ever-growing RV community online.
This month, we are paying tribute to all of the RV tech that has continually helped to grow and expand the industry.  If this edition of The Mile Marker stands out as a favorite of yours, consider reading our quarterly newsletter, "Tech Talk," for more content like this!  So, sit back, plug in, and get ready to click "download" as we shine the light on the virtual RV experience.
The FMCA Team
Whale-Watching with Fantasy RV Tours and The Getaway Couple
The Getaway Couple on a Whale Watching Tour with Fantasy RV Tours
One of the most popular YouTube channels followed by the RV community is The Getaway Couple.  This young couple, Rae and Jason Miller, travel the U.S. full-time and use YouTube as a medium to share lessons learned, RV tips and tricks, and their RV adventures.  This past March, they crossed the border with Fantasy RV Tours and joined Fantasy's Baja Whale Watching Caravan.  They documented the entire trip, including their close-up encounters with mama and baby grey whales for a mini-series on YouTube.  Check out their once-in-a-lifetime experience here.

If you have dreamed of traveling to Mexico in your RV to get up close and personal with grey whales, you can reserve your spot now for 2021 and 2022.  FMCA members receive a special discount and can even choose to travel on an FMCA members-only tour.  For more information, call Fantasy Tours at 855-385-3622 or click here
How Do I?
Simplify Your RV Life
Whether you're at home or on the road, keep your RV to-dos in one, convenient location using your smartphone or tablet.  The FMCA RV Club app easily allows you to: quickly access FMCA member resources and benefits; record RV and trip details; keep track of maintenance records; use customizable checklists for packing and more!  Watch this video or click here to learn more.
FMCA Tire Savings Program Video

JOIN FMCA & Be Prepared

FMCA members have access to countless information, tools, checklists, and a community of experienced RVers.  Plus we save you money!  Join today and see for yourself.
Wi-Fi Tips
For many of us, it's a challenge to keep up with the fast pace of technology.  Take Wi-Fi, for example, and its availability when RVing.  If you feel a little lost along the information highway, these suggestions may help.

Many campgrounds offer Wi-Fi, often for free.  Once you're parked, open up your device's list of Wi-Fi connections and log in.  The FMCA RV Marketplace enables you to search for FMCA commercial member campgrounds that have Wi-Fi. 

Check for Wi-Fi in public places libraries, recreation centers, community centers, park visitors centers, retail stores, laundry facilities, etc. 

Wi-Fi extenders, repeaters, and other devices can strengthen your RV's Wi-Fi signal.  Cell boosters are available from and many others.  The Winegard ConnecT 2.0 will boost your internet connection whether you use Wi-Fi or a cell service signal; learn more in this article.

Did you know FMCA has special Wi-Fi deals for members?  Tech Connect Plus offers a Sprint mobile hotspot plan, and Connect-on-the-Go furnishes a mobile hotspot for folks on Verizon's Mobile Broadband plan.

Create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot with a device that works off a cellular data signal.

This FMCA full-timing family shares many more suggestions for staying connected on the road, even in remote locations.
FMCA's Campground — An Important Update
Did you know that FMCA has its own RV campground?  Yep, located east of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, and a hidden gem of sorts.  FMCA members can stay for free two nights every month and five additional nights thereafter.  Only $30 per night for a full-hookup site and $20 per night for an electric-only site.  Click here to learn more or make a reservation.
*Please Note: $30 per night is a slight increase from the previous price of $20.  This increase was discussed and approved by the Executive Board during the latest budget approval discussions and takes effect October 1, 2020, the beginning of FMCA's fiscal year.
Wholesale Warranties
Equine Motorcoach
Custom Glass Solutions
Protect Your (Furry) Loved Ones
FMCA has teamed up with FMCA RV Insurance to provide members with a discounted rate on pet insurance.  Three levels of coverage are available.  Plans also include 24/7 access to the VetHelpline.  Travel with the "warm and fuzzies" knowing that if something happened to your furry-legged friend, they would receive good care no matter where you are.
Once you've secured peace of mind for you and your pet, enjoy this photo album of member-submitted pet photos from the road!
Custom Glass Solutions
Don't let a cracked windshield ruin your travel plans.  Our partners at Custom Glass Solutions will help you replace a broken or damaged windshield quickly with zero hassles as part of their RV program.

Preppin' for Perry

We are watching closely and remain cautiously optimistic as we make early preparations for our 102nd International Convention & RV Expo, scheduled to take place March 10-13, 2021, in Perry, Georgia.  To see the latest updates visit the FMCA Events page.

Cascade Caverns, C11814 — Just minutes from San Antonio, this Texas Hill Country gem makes a convenient base from which to visit many area attractions.  Guests at this park and campground also enjoy 105 acres of native Texas habitat.  Guided tours of its caves are offered daily, and nature trails can be explored any time.  Learn more here. 
RV Inspiration
Hours of RV-related entertainment and information await online.  RV  influencers write blogs, maintain websites, and record video content that is available online, including via YouTube.  Among them are Rae and Jason Miller, who call themselves The Getaway Couple.  In a post titled 35 Underrated RV YouTube Channels You Should Already Be Watching, Rae and Jason give a shoutout to other influencers who share RV tips, tricks, know-how and just plain fun — folks they think you should meet.  Looking for endless inspiration and enjoyment?  Check 'em out!
Camp Like a Girl!
RV enthusiast Janine Pettit and her website,, encourage women to get outdoors and to camp in any style that suits them.  There is no wrong way, Janine notes.  Some Girl Campers own RVs, while others are tent campers or prefer staying in cabins.  Janine, who calls herself "Camper in Chief," founded the organization to embolden women who want to camp to show them it's not just for families or the guys.  Janine is married and sometimes travels with her husband, but she also embarks on solo adventures.  She recently launched Girl Camper magazine, a quarterly print publication packed with information intended to inspire and inform — just like the Girl Camper movement itself.
Apple of My Pie

It's almost fall and apple harvest time, and we have some fun in store for you!

Did you know that the best time to harvest apples is in late September to early October?  And this is a great activity you can do while social distancing.  Thanks to this blog from Amy Grant, we are able to provide you some Tips for Harvesting Apples And Post Harvest Apple Storing.

So, what are you going to do with all those apples you've harvested?  We highly suggest you try making any one of these 9 Delicious Apple Recipes for your Campsite!  (Sneak peek: Grilled Apple S'more Nachos - Yum!)

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