November 5, 2021 
Happy November, to everyone in our DFPA community!

No matter how upended our lives may still seem in this transitional season, by COVID, by rules and regulations, by increased sensitivity to racial, gender and economic disparities, I take comfort from those seasonal cycles and patterns that appear and take our focus for the moment.  The holidays, preparation for final projects, papers and exams, and of course the approaching New Year represent consistency and stability—their reappearance every year, whether we want them or not, is guaranteed.  In the DFPA, all the performances, concerts and exhibitions in the upcoming month you’ll see will continue to escalate through our semester break—sending us home to our families and home communities exhausted but hopefully refreshed and renewed by our first semester back in person.   This period of preparation we’re in now, leading to the flurry of activity that erupts next month, the advent of the Holiday, deserves reflection, and gratitude that we’ve made it this far in the cycle of the year.

Upcoming Events
Radium Girls
Images: Brave Lux Photography
OCT 28 - NOV 7 // THU-SAT @ 7:30PM, SUN @ 2:00PM CST
Written by D.W. Gregory
Directed by Jonathan Wilson
In Person Tickets: $10-$20 | Livestream Tickets: $10
An element as bright as the Roaring Twenties, radium can shrink tumors and illuminate clock dials. But as its industry grows, factory workers are dying from a gruesome disease linked to the nation’s latest miracle cure. Radium Girls follows Grace Fryer and other dial painters suing for recognition from the company that made them sick. In this earnest and courageous work, the road to court is long, the clock is ticking, and Grace must decide between family or justice before it’s too late. Through humor, heart, and haunting dialogue, D.W. Gregory’s historical play reflects on labor rights, the commercialization of science, and the growing fixation on wealth and success, by any means.
In-person tickets are only available for Loyola students, faculty, and staff. Log in using your UVID to access these options. In-person audiences will be asked to present an active Loyola ID and wear a mask at all times. 
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Present Artifacts at Ralph Arnold Gallery
NOV 12, 2021 - JAN 21, 2021 // Ralph Arnold Gallery
Online Reception:
Friday, December 3 // 5:00-6:30 PM CST
Please register for the event here.

Efrat Hakimi, Sahand Heshmati Afshar, and zakkiyyah najeebah dumas–o'neal address  decolonization, Futurism, and evolving histories in Present Artifacts. Hakimi’s photographs, Heshmati Afshar’s sculptural works, and Najeebah Dumas-O'Neal’s drawings show a sense of displacement using materiality as a means of subversion and investigation. 
Climate Action Concert
NOV 12 // FRI @ 12:30PM CST
For more details, click here. Register for the event here.
Nevertheless, She Persisted
NOV 18 - NOV 21 // THU-SAT @ 7:30PM, SUN @ 2:00PM CST
Choreography & Staging by Emily Carroccio, Mei-Kuang Chen, Raúl Díaz-Maroto Casasola, Martha Graham, Sandra Kaufmann, Blakeley White-McGuire, and Amy Wilkinson

To celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the enactment of women’s suffrage in America, this dance concert honors women’s persistence, creativity and grace on the long road to equal rights in society. As equality between all Americans rises to the forefront of justice and progress, the pieces in the concert amplify women’s voices and continued vulnerabilities. The concert features Martha Graham’s tour de force Scenes from Chronicle staged by guest artist in residence, Blakeley White-McGuire, and premiers by dance faculty members Amy Wilkinson and Sandra Kaufmann. Raúl Casasola from Joffrey Ballet will adapt the ‘Huntress Dance’ from Sylvia. Ruth Page award winner, Mei-Kuang Chen will choreograph an original ballet based on Chinese women’s suffrage. Through dance performance we seek to empower our students and advance our culture by showcasing women’s struggles and achievements on the long path to equality.
In-person tickets are available for Loyola students, faculty, and staff. Log in using your UVID to access these options. Student tickets are priced at $10, faculty/staff at $20, and livestreaming at $10. You must present an active Loyola ID and wear a mask at all times upon entry for in-person performances.
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Access & Resources
Returning to Campus
We are excited to be back to campus. Please make sure you have familiarized yourself with all the University Guidance included in on these websites:
Classroom Protocol for Faculty
The Classroom Protocol for Faculty section on the Positive Diagnosis Protocol page explains what faculty need to know if there is a positive diagnosis in their classroom. The page also includes more detailed information about how contact tracing works. For additional information or clarification, faculty should contact their department chair, program director, or associate dean.
Free and Easy COVID-19 Testing
Loyola encourages all students, faculty, and staff, regardless of vaccination status, to take advantage of the University's comprehensive COVID-19 surveillance testing program, which is free and easy to use. This tool is especially helpful as the Delta variant circulates in our region, prompting occasional breakthrough cases among the vaccinated (sometimes, without symptoms). Testing sites are open at all three campuses, seven days per week. Results are delivered quickly, typically within 24 hours. Information about registration and scheduling can be found on our surveillance testing website.
Updated Service Request Portal
The Facilities Department has launched a new service request portal with a user-friendly and intuitive page to submit and track requests.  The Loyola community now has access to submit a facilities related service request via this link or by visiting and clicking “Submit a Service Request.”
Please click on this link for a brief instructional video. 
SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement
If you are a non-tenure track faculty member, full or part-time, you must be a part of the union. There are several policies and procedures pertaining to non-tenured faculty. You can find a copy of the ratified contract here
Engaging Guest Artists
The process for Engaging Guest Artists has changed. If you have a desire to bring a guest to your class or have some other reason you hope to engage an individual, please familiarize yourself with the new process. Please review the guidelines before starting the process. Once you are ready to start the process, please complete the Guest Artist Engagement Form.  
Faculty Development
I am pleased to finally be able to announce and solicit applications for Professional Development funding for this fiscal year. We were waiting on some information related to the Unionized Faculty Professional Development Fund managed at the Dean’s level and we received this information last week. I am also pleased to announce that much of our professional development budget has been restored to pre-pandemic levels. We have updated our website and request form to reflect these changes and simplify the process.
You can now use the Professional Development request form to submit requests for professional development, travel, conferences and workshops, equipment, recruitment activities, along with being able to submit Unionized Faculty Professional Development application for Chair review.
All submissions will be sent directly to me, and will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis. Due to limited funds, I have set a limit of $1000.00 per request, with a maximum support of $3000 for the fiscal year. If you have professional development opportunities for which you seek support, I encourage you to submit your application before November 15, 2021. After that time, depending on how many requests are received, I will invite those that have already applied to seek additional support.
If you are a Unionized faculty member, you are encouraged to apply for up to $600 of that funding first, before applying for DFPA funding.   The new form is located here: Faculty and Staff Resources: Department of Fine and Performing Arts: Loyola University Chicago ( and Request Forms: Department of Fine and Performing Arts: Loyola University Chicago (
Many thanks to April for designing this streamlined process.  I look forward to reviewing your applications at the various opportunities you are exploring for your professional development.  

Promoting Our Events
Sharing Our Story and Spotlighting Our Community
The DFPA develops artists, designers, scholars, and arts leaders in a creative community that shares the Loyola vision of valuing freedom of inquiry, the pursuit of truth, and care for others. We do this through creative mentorship in and out of the classroom, studio, and rehearsal hall, through the application of arts research and practice in our public programming, and by teaching our students the value of critical reflection within a liberal arts context. 

You and your students are our story, and we want to partner with you to share the activities of this unique arts community with others at Loyola and beyond through our websites, social media channels, and more.

We invite you to help us tell your stories in the following ways:

The Arts Classroom/Studio:
The magic happens in the arts classroom, practice rooms, and studios! Please contact José Pérez if you’d like to share something you’re working on in your classes – projects, presentations, demos, guest artists, etc. Here’s an example of how activities in the art classroom could be presented on our websites. Please consider sharing activities at any stage of development. We want to celebrate process!
Student Features:  
Our students are involved in exciting arts research and engaged learning beyond the Lakeshore Campus. They are involved in projects in class or are growing in noticeable ways. Often our instructors and advisors are the first to know or play a mentorship role in these activities. Please point us in the direction of students that are involved in creative inquiry. We want to connect with them and feature them like in this example
Faculty and Staff Activities:  
Let us know about your upcoming creative, research, and scholarship activities – especially if there is a public-facing aspect – by submitting this form.   
For submissions, ideas, or related questions, please contact José Pérez at
Faculty Action Items
Reminder to complete SMU Workforce Study
Earlier this week, you received the official launch inviting you to participate in the SMU DataArts Workforce Demographics Study. If you have already participated in the survey, thank you, we have already received almost 50 responses. If you haven't yet participated, kindly do so by clicking here. This survey will only take five minutes to complete. Thank you for helping us establish a baseline measurement for the demographics in our arts and cultural sector and participating in this important endeavor. Survey closes on December 10.
Book Orders
If you have not done so already, to order books or materials contact Loyola University’s bookstore at
Updated Contact Information
It is important for a variety of reasons that we have your updated home phone and address while we are working remotely, please complete this form to update our records. Thank you!
Faculty Profile Updates
If you do not currently have a faculty profile on the DFPA website or would like to update your profile, please complete and submit the Biography and Headshot Form. Faculty pages are among the most frequently visited pages on our website. Students often look up faculty when they’re shopping for classes so it is important to keep your profile current.  
I hope you all have a wonderful month, and a most Happy Thanksgiving.

Mark E. Lococo, PhD
Professor, Chair
Department of Fine and Performing Arts
Loyola University Chicago

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