2020 Summer Staff

From the Camp Director, 

Evaluating Ministry, it is always good to evaluate ministry. To ask those tough questions: What went well? What went poorly? What could we do differently? 2020 was a different season for sure. But still, we can evaluate what was accomplished and what needs work. As I evaluate the past 12 years of my ministry here at Hanging Rock, I have noticed an area that seems to be in decline. While we had the highest amount of campers in 2019 we had one of the lowest amounts of volunteers. 2020 with Covid brought to us even less volunteers. That really concerns me, since we are a volunteer based ministry.
I am hearing from our Event Coordinators that there is a concern that we will struggle with getting volunteers for our summer program. We rely on the volunteers from our churches to staff our weeks of camp. 2019 we had a 5th & 6th grade main camp that had 130 kids with only 15 faculty (volunteeers). You can ask any of those volunteers what a challenge that was. 
Below you will find a list of our Event Coordinators and an email that you can use to contact them, to let them know that you are willing to help with that week of camp. What is required out of a volunteer? 
  • You must be at least 2 years older than the oldest campers for that week.  
  • You must fill out a volunteer background application. https://www.hangingrock.org/summer-camps/faculty-volunteer.html
  • Be a faithful member of one our supporting churches or be connected to a restoration movement church. 
  • Agree to our faculty (volunteer) responsibilites. 
  • Agree to our statement of faith. https://www.hangingrock.org/about-us/what-we-believe.html
So what happens if we are unable to get enough volunteers to lead our camps? That is a good question. We need you. Would you please consider serving this summer in a volunteer role? We would love to have you. 
When a young person establishes a relationship to Christ for the first time, you will find that serving these kids at camp and the sacrifice you have made are well worth it! When a young person comes to camp to strengthen their relationship with Christ through disconnecting from the world around them and reconnecting to Christ you will find your time serving as a volunteer and the sacrifice you made are well worth it. 
Will you serve? 
Gary Baker,
Executive Director
2021 Annual Report

Volunteer at Camp

Listed below are the Event Coordinators and the email where you can contact them to let them know you are willing to serve. You can also fill out the volunteer application and put the week of camp you want to help with and we can get you in touch with the Event Coordinator. 

Day Camp 1 - Event Coordinator: Sherrie Lacy - sherrielacy@gmail.com
Day Camp 2 - Event Coordinator: Miranda Phillips - phillipsmiranda95@gmail.com
Super Saturday - Event Coordinator: HRCA Staff - garybaker@hangingrock.org
1st & 2nd Grade Overnight - Event Coordinator: - HRCA Staff - garybaker@hangingrock.org
Fishing Camp - Event Coordinator: Steve Weaver - s.weaver123@frontier.com
Mother/Daughter Camp - Event Coordinator: Shannon Hoagland - hoag9@sbcglobal.net
Father/Son Camp - Event Coordinator: Brad Stroetz - brad@stroetz.com
3rd & 4th grade Wilderness - Event Coordinators: Bob and Julie Purple - juliepurple2013@yahoo.com
3rd & 4th Grade Main - Event Coordinator: Mallory Galloway - mallory@lebanonchristian.org
5th & 6th Grade Paintball - Event Coordinator: Lucas Lane - lucaslane9033@gmail.com
5th & 6th Grade Main - Event Coordinator: Stacey Smith - youth@bradylanechurch.org
5th & 6th Grade Mission Crossfire - Event Coordinator: Cody Byrd - codybyrd10@gmail.com
5th & 6th Grade Horse Camp - Event Coordinator: Hannah Schum - hhaannaahh27@gmail.com
5th -8th Grade Main- Last Chance Camp - Event Coordinators: Rob Baire - northsalemcc@gmail.com
Jr. High Horse Camp - Event Coordinator: Hannah Schum - hhaannaahh27@gmail.com
Jr. High Paintball Camp -Event Coordinator: Jesse Stoner - jessestoner@hotmail.com
Jr. High Main -  Event Coordinator: Bill Parr - bill@whcc.us
Jr. High Wilderness - Event Coordinator: Ryan Pursch - ryan@clcchurch.com
Students Serving Others Mission Trip - Jr. High -High School - Event Coordinator: Sam Guilliams - sam.guilliams@nwhcm.org
High School Main - Event Coordinator: Jason Davis - jason@sterlingchurch.com
High School Horse Camp - Event Coordinator: Dave Sims - dave@sterlingchurch.com
High School Wilderness NYR Trip - Event Coordinators: Bob & Julie Purple and Hunter & Jessica Chadwell - No Volunteers Needed
High School Paintball - Event Coordinator: Jacob Stigall - jacobstiggy@aol.com
High School Adventure Camp - Event Coordinator: Ben Hannum - benhannum@hangingrock.org
Joy Camp - Event Coordinator: Nancy Kelsey- nkelsey@ista-in.org


2021 Summer Camp


Summer 2021 Jobs:

We are accepting applications for positions for this summer. We have an application online if you are interested in any of these positions. 

First Aid Attendant - 1
Dorm RA for Guys - 2 
Dish Washer

Dear Hanging Rock Family,

I informed our Hanging Rock Board of Directors this past week that I was resigning as the Maintenance/Wilderness Director at Hanging Rock.  I did not make this decision lightly.  It was made with great difficulty, lots of prayer, and lots of tears.  I love this camp.  I love Gary.  I love the staff.  It has been a great experience for myself and my family.  We love Hanging Rock! 

Last July I was convicted that I needed to return to youth ministry at State Line Christian Church, my previous ministry near Clinton, Indiana.  I did not speak to anyone about this until early September, when Gary noticed I was a bit depressed.  We met and I told him what was going on in my heart and mind.  By and large, this led to some more discussion with Gary, with the leadership at State Line and most importantly with my wife.   After a couple of months of prayer and discussion, the elders and ministers at State Line were all in agreement that it was the Lord’s leading.  In early January, the congregation was informed and the third Sunday of January, the vote was concluded.  It was very positive.  The congregation wanted me back at State Line. 

In discussing and talking these things through with Gary, we both agreed it would be great if I could stay on staff here at camp through the Spring and into the Summer.  This would help our family get through the school year and would allow me to help get the camp ready for the summer, get the pool open and help out with Paintball camps in June.  We agreed that my last working day would be June 30th.  I will begin ministry at State Line on July 18th. 

I want to state that Gary and the staff have been great to work with and our family will miss them tremendously.  Gary has been a great friend to me for many years.  It was very, very difficult to have to tell him that I was feeling led to return to youth ministry.  He’s like a brother and I’ve appreciated the opportunity to work with him, learn from him and serve with him.  Todd and Jennifer, Amber and Casey have been great to work with as well.  I’ve enjoyed the time spent with the staff here at Hanging Rock!

I will be around this Spring and Summer and hope to see you here at Hanging Rock!  Thank you for the opportunity to serve in such a great ministry!

Ben Hannum
Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign Update,

We kicked off a two year campaign in 2019 not knowing what 2020 would be like. In that campaign we were going to remodel our boys dorm bathrooms, girls dorm bathrooms, the Hilton bathrooms and work on a dining hall extension. We did get the boys bathroom remodeled. They look great. Then 2020 happened. The board decided we would put this campaign on hold.  We plan to relaunch this campaign in June 2021. We have added another part to this plan and we are making revisions to the campaign. The board is still working out the details and the cost of each project we will make part of this new campaign. .So, be on the look out for more information and be ready to join this new campaign. We are excited to share what is included. For we have been a part of the FAITHFULNESS of God! 
In the kitchen with Todd:

Most of us remember going to grandma's house for Sunday dinner after church. We remember sitting around the table with our whole family there. Of course you had grandpa at the head of the table, then your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins (including that weird one, who always had something strange in their pockets) and there was grandma with her apron on cooking up a storm. After a meal fit for a king you'd run outside with your cousins to play football or basketball. The men would go into the den and watch football, but really take nap, and the women would clean up the kitchen.

Times sure have changed from those scenes of Sunday dinners at grandma's haven't they? We now rush off to a restaurant, pre-covid, and have someone else do the cooking and cleaning. We usually don't even have the whole family there. It is just you and your immediate family. No aunts, uncles, cousins, grandpa, and no grandma with her apron on, standing in the dining room doorway smiling as her family enjoyed the meal she cooked.

Things in the dining hall at camp sure have changed as well. No longer are the meals served family style. It's a cafeteria line for getting food. No longer do we have to sit in the hot, sweltering room while we eat, thanks to the AC units. The food is a little different too. Schedules have become so crazy that it's in and out as fast as you can and the food needs to keep up with that mindset.

This last season we are coming out of has caused us to take a look at our lives and caused some of us to slow down drastically. It has given us opportunities to maybe get back to some of those dinners at grandma's from yesteryear and reminisce about times gone by. I am wanting to revamp our menu some at camp and need your help! What are some of your favorite camp meals from years past? Not saying I'll be able to pull them off, but I want to see what some of the old time favorites are.

Please share them with me. You can email me at toddblair@hangingrock.org or message the camp on Facebook. If you don't have either of those feel free to call the office. I am usually the one who answers the phone and would love to hear from you.
Todd Blair,
Associate Director 

Support the Camp

We would love for you to partner with Hanging Rock. With no retreats for January - February and very few in March we are needing to increase our donation base. Remember, your financial support helps create camps where young people encounter Jesus Christ. 

Mission Crossfire

February 27, 2021
We are kicking off Mission Crossfire for 2021 on February 27, 2021. It will run from 9:30 a.m. - Noon. We will end in the dining hall with lunch provided. This event will be held in the Gym (LDC). 
We will be doing tempature checks when you arrive and we will have hand santizer available as well. Any questions can be directed to Jim Morgan: 
Activities Included:
Two different types of Indoor Archery
Rock Wall

Hanging Rock is now a Kroger Community Rewards Partner. Login to your Kroger Rewards account and choose Hanging Rock. Thank You! This is another way top support the camp. 

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