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ISC Cloud First Update
September 2017
In this update, we focus on recent progress, new web content, the relaunch of Cloud‑SIG, and an upcoming cloud‑related event.
Recent Progress
The Application Design & Tools team launched the cloud-native version of the Online Giving application. The team also launched the Penn Device Portal, which streamlines registering personal devices on AirPennNet. To date, over 1,800 “Internet of Things” device registrations were successfully completed by over 1,500 users.
The Integration team was awarded a 2017 Talend Data Masters Award for their use of the Talend ETL tool and will be participating in the Talend Connect conference in Paris. The team continues to analyze next potential services to migrate to the cloud while meeting with the Supplier Portal Initiative and Human Capital Management teams to assess their integration needs.
The Architecture, Infrastructure, & Migration team was invited to participate in the East Coast pilot of the new VMware on AWS service as part of their evaluation of cloud vendors for production workloads. The team is also analyzing cloud-based backup/disaster recovery technologies.
New Web Content
We are excited to unveil the following new content: 
Cloud-SIG Relaunch
On October 18, the Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (Cloud-SIG) is being relaunched! Eric Snyder from ISC and Tammer Ibrahim from SAS will co-lead the group. The group will meet the third Wednesday of each month from 1:30-3:00pm in Sansom West, Room 306 (Bits & Pieces) to discuss all things cloud, including general tech discussions, vendors, products, automation, use cases, security, community exchange, and support. The first meeting’s agenda will include introductions, the schedule, a general discussion, and a call for future topics. For more information, including links to subscribe to the listserv, join the Slack channel, or contact the leads, see the Cloud-SIG page on the website.
Upcoming Cloud-Related Event
Following is an upcoming Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting that will feature a cloud-related presentation:
  • Developer SIG (10/16) – Rich Jones, the creator of Zappa, will be presenting “Serverless Django,” a discussion of serverless computing on Amazon Web Services using Python, API Gateway, and Lambda at the next Developer SIG meeting in Sansom West, Room 306 (Bits & Pieces) from 2:00-3:30pm.

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