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Everyone needs to sharpen their saw and I have been using the summer to do so. Besides cleaning up my office (files, emails, etc) with my amazing assistant Crystal, I have met some great people and formalized and/or strengthened relationships with others. 
Calling All Female Entrepreneur alums network together frequently, but we are bigger than just CAFE. Top photos: At The Entreprise Center: the amazing Betty Hines, Rosalyn McPherson (the new President and CEO of The Urban League) and James Sanders of The Enterprise Center. Below: PowerMatch at The Corner Bakery (3 biz meetings going on/great photo op!) , CAFE Alum and PowerMatch (on The Spirit of Philadelphia Wilhunt Biz Networking cruise). This is why you really should attend the Expo. I would love to introduce you to my amazing network and more.
SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, September 28, 2014
Wow, I have been talking about this event all year! LOL Nicole Newman and I are in the final stages of selling tickets (70% capacity). This is about business: Collaboration and Networking. Check out my Twitter feed to meet some of the awesome folks that are attending and other great events throughout the year to grow your business through your own self-improvement. 
Additional Sponsors
Mathnasium of AndorraAlpha to Omega Termite and Pest Control and Karima's Banquet Hall. Contact me directly if you are also interested in sponsorship. :)
July 2014:
"...only gratitude for your guidance.  Also, thank you so much for introducing me to Nicole.  She has taken over where you left off.  You two are the real dynamic duo!"
A.S., Florida
To pre-qualify for counseling, click here. If you have further questions, please email me directly at
Please share and subscribe to my YouTube channel which includes my first TV interview, a radio interview for couples and much more. I will be adding more videos in upcoming weeks to educate and inform you on credit issues.
Cohort 6
This is the WHY you should attend. And you can register here. :) Or join our FB group today to keep in touch with CAFE events and successes. 
You don't go to CAFE,
you GROW through CAFE!
Credit Tip:
I just saved someone $2500 on an inaccurate item on their credit report. Charmaine Toby said, "Yes, you can use my name! I am so happy!!" Check your reports. If you need help... :)
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