Author Joseph Kuefler visits Mabel's classroom
Author Joseph Kuefler visits Mabel's classroom
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Author Joseph Kueffler reads from his book as a guest in a special education elementary classroom.
Do you remember Mabel? She’s the bubbly elementary student whose confidence blossomed while working with Upstream Arts. With arts-based approaches, her teacher was able to see her strengths in new ways. 
We revisited Mabel's classroom, where author Joseph Kuefler was visiting and reading his book, The Flower and the Digger. Because of the generosity of the author, Wild Rumpus Books for Young Readers, and supporters in our community, Mabel and her fellow classmates had the opportunity not only to meet the author in person, but also to receive signed copies of his book. 
Mabel holds the customized copy of The Digger and the Flower, with the princess crown drawn on the digger.
Mabel wasn’t convinced that she wanted to read a book about a piece of construction equipment and a flower, and she proceeded to tell Joseph that he needed to write a book about a princess. Joseph responded by drawing a princess crown on top of the digger featured on the cover of her book. “You have the only copy of this book with a princess digger,” he told her, much to her delight. 
We loved seeing Mabel connect with the author and express her desires, and the creative way Joseph responded with his art. We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who made this unique event possible, especially the individual donors who funded it.
You can make more artistic interactions like this possible. It will take $97,534 to close our funding gap by the end of our fiscal year, ensuring that more students like Mabel have access to creative experiences and are supported in their self-expression. 
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Julie, Matt, Bree, and everyone at Upstream Arts
P.S. Don't forget- The Art of Me performance with Partnership Resources, Inc. is next Wednesday, August 21 at 7:00pm. Join us at the Hopkins Center for the Arts! Free and open to the public. 
Detail from a purple and red abstract painting
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