An update on refugee resettlement and details on World Refugee Day
An update on refugee resettlement and details on World Refugee Day
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Greetings Friends of Refugee Resettlement,

A short newsletter today with just a few bits of news, links to related articles and a final shout out to participate in World Refugee Day.
World Refugee Day
June 20th is the internationally recognized date for World Refugee Day. World Refugee Day (WRD) was started by a United Nations Declaration in 2000 and first celebrated in 2001 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention Related to the Status of Refugees. Here in the U.S. our communities celebrate WRD in a variety of events in the weeks surrounding June 20th. Our celebration in Rochester is this coming Saturday June 17th (see below for details).
WRD events typically celebrate the strength, courage and perseverance of refugees who are fleeing violence and persecution. It’s also a time to rally advocacy efforts and raise awareness of the plight of refugees. This year, in which we have seen the politicization and often the criminalization of refugees, we ask all of our friends to keep refugees in your hearts all days of the year. Refugees suffer the loss of their loved ones to violence and depredation, their children witness the most brutal acts of war and too many languish in camps for too long in virtual incarceration. They suffer this way 365 days a year until they can either return home or be firmly resettled elsewhere. Our immigration system is indeed broken but our nation’s refugee system is on the precipice of becoming not only more broken but more hard-hearted and blind to this most cruel form of suffering. Please continue to stand in solidarity with refugees on this World Refugee Day and all days coming.

******************** Rochester World Refugee Day ********************

When: Saturday, June 17th 2pm - 6pm
Where: Parade from Washington Square at 2pm to City Hall, followed by events at Jones Square Park in the Edgerton Neighborhood of the City of Rochester (intersection of Jones Ave. and Plymouth St.)
Description: Event hosted by Rochester Global Refugee Services. United Nations' (UN) World Refugee Day is observed on June 20 each year. This event honors the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children who are forced to flee their homeland under threat of persecution, conflict, and violence. Learn more at:
National News
Earlier this month the 9th Circuit Court handed down its decision to uphold the injunction on the White House’s executive orders. It’s now on to the Supreme Court for final adjudication of this matter. The Supreme Court Justices have a few options before them. They could hear the arguments and make a final ruling before their current session ends later this month, or they could decide to temporarily stay the rulings of the lower federal courts and allow the executive orders to proceed until they hear the case in full at their next session, or they could refuse to take any action this session and punt the issue further down the road to be heard sometime after they reconvene in the fall. 
Articles of Note
For a deeper look at the legal battle over of the White House’s Executive Orders related to the travel ban and refugee admissions halt, read this article from The Hill.
And here is another thought-provoking opinion piece from the NY Times in honor of World Refugee Day.

As always, thanks you for your continued support!
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