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FMCA's November Monthly E-Newsletter
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Counting Our Blessings
As the year marches toward a close, holiday celebrations come into view. For some folks, November is a time to turn introspective and reflect on the good in our lives. Despite our different backgrounds, ages, interests, and life situations, we all have things to be grateful for. Family. Friends. A late autumn sunset. A cozy fire. Comfort food. Blue-line highways that lead to new destinations. A favorite snowbird spot. Helping a friend — or stranger — and realizing we’ve made their life a little better. We hope RVing plays a role in some of these.

To recognize this season of gratitude, we’ve provided a few insights below. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to focus on what is most important in your own life. Oh, and if you must winterize the RV or want to find a new recipe for Thanksgiving dinner, we offer ideas on those topics, too.

Enjoy a marvelous month. We are grateful for you!

The FMCA Team
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Enjoy a holiday extravaganza in the Ozarks – a combination of the season’s very best in musical, comical, and theatrical celebrations that will warm your heart and take your imagination to the most joyous place on earth. For those with the passion for music who like to be entertained – you are sure to be impressed! We’ll have up-close-and-personal encounters with top stars and make magical moments for you to treasure for a lifetime. It’s time to rekindle the spirit of Christmas on this exclusive, FMCA member-only rally from Fantasy RV Tours! For more information, call (855) 385-3622 or click here.
How Do I?

The Power Of Gratitude
With the busyness of preparing for the holiday season, it can be easy to forget what the season is truly about. Practicing thankfulness and gratitude for Thanksgiving (this month in the U.S.; last month in Canada) can be difficult, but trying the Gratitude Challenge can make it easier for you to enjoy this time of the year. Counting your blessings doesn’t have to be hard and can be done in your day-to-day life. Enjoying simple pleasures, making time for your favorite people, and being present in your everyday activities can help you become a more grateful and mindful person. It is important to not wish your time away and to try living in the moment, being thankful.

There is even scientific research on the effects of being grateful. Tremendousness on YouTube shares the science behind practicing gratitude and how mindfulness can better overall health and well-being in their Science of Gratitude video. When someone is grateful in their everyday life, it rewires their brain to release more “happy hormones” like dopamine and serotonin. An appreciative attitude can enhance sleep, increase energy, reduce blood pressure, and even help lessen chronic pain.

Try having an attitude of gratitude as a gift to yourself this holiday season. You won’t regret it!

FMCA Adventure

Giving Back
FMCA members have a long history of lending a hand in whatever neighborhood they find themselves. During this season of giving and gratefulness, we spotlight their generosity.

FMCA international conventions, area rallies, and chapter rallies invite attendees to give back to the communities that host these events. One opportunity during conventions is the Magic Mile Fun Run/Walk. Participants’ sign-up fees are earmarked for donation to a local charity, with the amount matched by FMCA. All funds are presented to worthy causes such as local women’s shelters, food banks, or group homes.

FMCA’s On-Road Quilters group and the On The Road Stitchers chapter contribute quilts, blankets, and other beautifully handmade items to the “Quilts For Kids” display at FMCA conventions. The collection is given to a local police department, hospital, or other organization and used to provide comfort to youngsters and others in stressful circumstances.

Also at conventions, attendees drop off eyeglasses they no longer wear, and FMCA donates them to the Lions Foundation Eye Program, where they are repurposed for people in need. Often, nonperishable items are collected from attendees at FMCA events for donation to a local food pantry.

Many FMCA chapters dedicate time and resources to good causes. For example, the American Coach Chapter of FMCA, California Coaches For Christ, and the South Central Wanderers count service and volunteerism as activities of interest. Coaches For Christ-South Central keeps members aware of needs within its chapter’s families. The Colonial Virginians collect funds throughout the year to make an annual contribution to a worthy cause, such as Toys for Tots in December.

FMCA members visit others with their therapy dogs as they travel, build houses through Habitat for Humanity, and assist with cleanup efforts after natural disasters.

As psychologist and philosopher William James once noted, “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

Michelin Tires Conti Coach HA3 from Continental Uniroyal Tires
FMCA Clubhouse
RV Basics
RV Driving School
RV Basics and RV Driving School
Register now to attend one (or both) of FMCA's premier RV education classes just prior to the “Sunsets + Saguaros” convention at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, Arizona, next March. The RV Basics program and the RV Driving School have something for RV newbies and experienced RVers alike.  

RV Basics, March 20-22, is a 2.5-day workshop that covers your RV's operation and systems. RV Driving School, with class dates available from March 16-21, is designed to deliver hands-on courses for driving (two days) and for backing (one day). RVers can sign up for one or both classes. All training is done in your own RV!

Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance
If you have a pet, you know how expensive it can be to provide veterinary care for them, whether a regular checkup or a sick visit. And if your furry family member does fall ill, it would be heartbreaking to have finances stand in the way of obtaining needed care. Have you ever wished you had insurance for your pet? Good news! FMCA members receive a discount with applicable carriers on travel-friendly pet insurance for either a dog or a cat, brought to you by our partners at FMCA RV Insurance. Simply click here to obtain a quote or sign up. Or call (877) 738-7874 and mention that you are a member of FMCA.
Campground of the Month
Parc D'orleans Inc., C903 
New Orleans, Louisiana

RVers can use this campground as a convenient and secure home base when exploring The Big Easy. The gated, pet-friendly facility is located on the city bus line, approximately six miles from New Orleans’ fabled French Quarter. Knowledgeable staff members can supply tips on where to go and what to see. The campground offers 70 paved, full-hookup sites. Laundry facilities, rest rooms, and showers are on-site, and guests have access to free Wi-Fi. Learn more here.
FMCA has hundreds of commercial member campgrounds; many offer discounted stays. Visit our RV Marketplace to find one or more that might fit into your travel plans.
Things We Like
Winterized RV
Nap Time For Your "Baby"?
For RVers who must put their home on wheels in storage for the winter, preparing the RV for its long winter’s nap may feel like one of the saddest days of the year. It doesn’t have to be a frustrating time, though. Check out these winterizing tips provided by Family RVing magazine contributor Mark Quasius so that the process goes smoothly, now and when it comes time for the RV to emerge from hibernation. 
To read articles like this and gain access to other member-only information, join FMCA today.
Tips From The Pros
Do you fancy yourself a DIYer? Officials at Keystone RV, manufacturer of fifth-wheels and conventional travel trailers, recognize that some RVers would prefer to handle minor upgrades and repairs themselves, rather than making the trek to the dealer and having the RV out of commission for a time. So, the company provides a series of videos to help guide owners who feel comfortable tackling simple projects. Videos available in the Keystone RV Pro Tips series cover replacing compartment door locks, adjusting roller shades, replacing an RV roof vent cover, and much more.
a Year to volunteer
That's The (Volunteer) Spirit
FMCA members Phil and Shar Roos from A Year To Volunteer wanted to retire and travel in their RV but to do so with a purpose. So, they decided to take a year to volunteer, and that led to the formation of a nonprofit, RV-centric organization with the goal of racking up 365 workdays in all 50 states. Projects aren’t limited to RVers, and they encourage people in the local area to join them as they tackle all types of renovation projects, often in state parks or working with community-service organizations. Check out their progress, or learn how to join them, via their website or Facebook and Instagram.
RVers' Delight
Fill Your Plate
Are you celebrating Thanksgiving in your RV? Does the thought of preparing for the holidays without a lot of cooking space seem daunting? Check out FMCAdventure’s Tips for Celebrating Thanksgiving in Your RV to help you prepare for the holiday while on the road.

If you are making sides for this year’s Thanksgiving meal, consider this recipe from The Pioneer Woman for Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes and her other great Thanksgiving side items. Her mashed potatoes can even be made ahead of time!
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