(and we miss you!)
(and we miss you!)
Cottage Theatre News
March 27, 2020
From the Executive Director

Dear Cottage Theatre family,

How are you doing?

We sure do miss seeing you at the theatre! This is a frightening and uncertain time for all of us, and a challenging time to be running a performing arts organization. The magic of live theatre is based on bringing together — in person — an audience and a group of actors to share a common story. The power of such storytelling is rooted in our ability to be present in the moment, to react authentically, and to feel our shared humanity. Movies and Facebook videos have their place in our world, but there is no substitute for the real thing when it comes to community theatre.

So we wait. And we make contingency plans. And more contingency plans, since at this point none of us know when Cottage Theatre can reopen its doors and we can return to the theatre-making we love.

But in the meantime, we miss you. And we send our very best wishes for your continued good health and that of your loved ones. And to help us all remember some of the wonderful stories we have shared together over the years, today we begin our "Top Ten CT Shows of All Time" countdown. May these photo slideshows brighten your days just a little as we each do our part to slow down the spread of this contagious virus.

Be well!
Susan Goes signature
Susan Goes
Executive Director
CT's Top Ten Shows Revealed - #10
Video slideshow

For more than a dozen years, Cottage Theatre has been keeping attendance statistics on all our shows. Our Board uses this data when considering future seasons' programming. Since we have this "dark time" in between productions right now, we thought it might be fun to share some of those statistics with you. So here, based on the total number of tickets sold, is #10 in our Top Ten Shows of all time list.

Click here to see who was in the cast of this Top Ten Show
Coming next week: CT's Top Ten Show #9 . . . Stay tuned!
How you can help CT weather this crisis

In the parallel universe that was life as we knew it a few weeks ago, today would have been the day that we mailed our yearly Annual Fund appeal to all past donors and audience members. Like all performing arts organizations, CT is trying to determine the best way to weather this unanticipated circumstance, where we can no longer do what we love with you here in our midst. Our ticket revenues are suddenly $0, and yet we still need to pay the bills for utilities, insurance, and even those Mamma Mia posters (with their April dates) that are now stacked in the recyling bin. 

We realize full well that many of you reading this are dealing with sudden financial crises of your own, with unexpected layoffs and more — not to mention the "overhead of worry" that has gripped us all at this time. But some of you may be in a position to contribute a little bit to help ensure that CT maintains its footing for the future, and if you are, we  and your fellow audience members —will be very grateful. And if you can't send money, send us some love, by sharing one of your favorite Cottage Theatre memories! We want to hear from you.
Link to recurring donation form Link to donation form I can't give $ right now, but I can send some love!
What's happening (virtually) at CT right now

Even though our doors are temporarily locked, the business of community theatre continues. Here's what's happening right right now:

  • Artistic Committee volunteers are reading scripts and proposals for CT's 2021 season.
  • Mamma Mia cast members are still singing in their own showers . . . and Seeking Red cast members are starting to memorize their lines.
  • I am continuing to write grant proposals and seek funding for our ACT III Remodeling Project, which will have its Scene 2 as soon as we get through this pandemic.
Support CT when you buy TP!
Photo: toilet paper

If you buy toilet paper (or any other supplies) on Amazon, did  you know that you can support Cottage Theatre at no cost to you? Just click on the link below to place your order, and Amazon donates to CT. What an easy way to support the theatre you love!

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We are so grateful for our donors!
We are so thankful for the support of our sponsors...
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... and our hundreds of individual donors.
You make the magic on our stage possible. Thank you!

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