Fall is just around the corner - and so are our Self-Advocacy classes!
Fall is just around the corner - and so are our Self-Advocacy classes!
Dear Friend, 

Self Advocacy is _______.

"Having my services where, when and how I want them to meet my needs."

"Knowledge of accessible resources."

"Telling people what you need."

However you fill in the blank, we have a shared space for you to practice expanding your voice and choice - creatively. Join our growing community of artful self-advocates! Online, hybrid, and in-person Self-Advocacy classes for adults with disabilities ages 18+ begin Oct 4th.
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A Place for What Friendship Brings Me

Poem co-written by Self-Advocacy class participants and Upstream Arts Teaching Artists, Spring 2021
To speaking up for myself
Opening up
I have needs
Telling others how to help me
We can’t always see the struggles of others
A better understanding of 

Upset when no one listens
Crunched up, pull away
Its feels like a job to teach you about ME
What if the world was meant for me?
A new way
With dog lovers united 
Affectionate little rats
Open mics for creativity
Removing judgements
Taking off our masks
Limit the critique
Slow it down and think it through
Transport me easily toward my dreams
I want to be listened to
More opportunities 
Hugging everybody and posting on YouTube
Gathering together - let’s hang out, friends!
It feels good
Supporting your needs and mine
Hearts all around
We hope for being a self-advocate
To better express our wants and what we need from the people around us
From Students to Teachers
We’re all pulling for you - double pumped!

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