One young person's powerful response
One young person's powerful response
Dear Friend, 
Last week when we opened the mail, we were delighted to receive a donation from our youngest supporter yet. 
Arthur is a first grader whose family received our 18-19 Annual Report and fall fund appeal. When he looked through the pictures and stories of impact, Arthur, who is an avid artist himself, saw the chance to make sure that his peers with disabilities have equal access to the arts and creative expression. He was inspired to send Upstream Arts his savings: $1. 
We're honored by Arthur's heartfelt contribution. Every dollar matters, and any amount that is meaningful to you fills us with gratitude. Today is Giving Tuesday, and after a hearty Thanksgiving, we're thankful to everyone who has already contributed this fall. It will take just $38,546 more in individual investments like Arthur's before December 31, 2019 to close our funding gap, bringing high-quality arts learning to thousands of individuals in our community. 
With abundant thanks for all that you do,
Julie, Matt, Bree, and everyone at Upstream Arts
 P.S. Want to see the Annual Report that inspired this giving?
P.P.S. Want to double your impact?
Today Facebook is matching the first $7 million dollars in donations made through their platform, fee-free, so 100% of your contribution goes to Upstream Arts!

You can be part of this creative, expansive work by investing in Upstream Arts!
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