Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services
Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services
    Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services, Inc.               10/13/2020    
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Accelerated Underwriting
Tips for Working Virtually
Return of a Lifetime
Return on a Lifetime
Your clients may think that their family could build more money for the future if they self-insure and invest their money in a product other than life insurance. But have they looked at the internal rate of return life insurance can provide at death?
By purchasing life insurance, your clients can generate a substantial death benefit, which can help them provide the assets needed to make sure their loved ones are financially secure. This works because life insurance can be substantial, not only in the short-term, but all the way through life expectancy.
1035 Ideas
Maximize Coverage with 1035
Exchanging older policies for new ones can make sense in many cases. As long as certain requirements are met, Section 1035 of the Internal Revenue Code allows for such exchanges with producing a taxable gain. When the policyowner meets Section 1035 requirements, no gain or loss will be recognized on the exchange of the old policy for the new one. Get 1035 Info
iGo Electronic Applications
Quick Apps & Drop Tickets
DIY Quotes & Illustrations
Breast Cancer Awareness
Underwriting Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women in the United States and second only to lung cancer or cancer caused deaths overall. With today’s underwriting advances, life insurers have come a long way in their ability to insure breast cancer survivors, as well as those who may be an increased risk, due to family history.
Take a look here for information on how we can help you protect your breast cancer survivor clients and their immediate family.
Protecting the Nestegg
Protecting the Nest Egg
You can help your clients navigate market volatility in retirement with permanent life insurance. Analysis of “sequence of return risk” shows that
withdrawing income early in retirement during a down market can significantly reduce portfolio longevity.
Show your clients how a cash value life insurance policy can help protect them from this risk by providing an alternate source of income during down markets.
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