Dear Friends,
From everyone at Bet Tzedek, we wish you a happy New Year and Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday! May 2023 bring you much joy, happiness, and purpose — and may we continue to fight for justice in the same spirit as Dr. King. Our motto for the month of January is “New year, same mission.” Check out and follow our social media accounts, displayed at the bottom of this news digest, to stay up-to-date with our daily posts covering our continued dedication to our work.

The staff at Bet Tzedek will be spending this upcoming year reinvesting our efforts in helping people across all communities access their rights and become empowered day to day. In the coming year, we will continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of residents in Los Angeles County and beyond. We will do this by providing free legal services, education and outreach, and access to resources while also engaging in policy advocacy and impact litigation. We thank you for supporting our vital mission!

Last Year, We Helped Over 75,000 Individuals Access Justice

Our dedicated team of pro bono attorneys, staff, volunteers, and donors made it possible for us to achieve a huge success last year with assisting individuals and families in need. Here are some figures we are proud of:

We received 12,405 calls to our call center and 11,581 online applications.

We helped low-income tenants in Los Angeles avoid $1,626,583.72 in fines, increased rents, and other housing costs while also recovering $311,055 in rent overpayments and relocation assistance.

9,394 individuals attended our self-help conservatorship clinics to learn how to care for dependent loved ones.

Our volunteers spent 25,219 hours helping community members alongside us.

As always, we have endless gratitude for everyone’s hard work and support!
Help a Foster Child Rescind Her Deportation Order So Her Adoption Can Proceed 

Claudia is a 17-year-old foster child who qualifies for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status by virtue of having been abused and neglected by her parents. Sadly, the neglect extended to her immigration matters, and as a result of her parents’ failure to act, Claudia was ordered removed (deported) by the Immigration Court. With a removal order, Claudia is unable to pursue lawful status and move forward with being adopted, both critical steps towards securing the safety and stability she so desperately needs. As with many of our foster care clients, the facts surrounding Claudia’s removal order are somewhat unclear. This case will require a diligent advocate who is willing to work with Claudia to investigate the facts and determine how best to proceed. 

Work Required & Deadlines: Provide advocacy in securing government consent to file a joint motion to reopen Claudia’s removal proceedings. This will initially require drafting a proposed Joint Motion to Reopen Removal Proceedings and seek DHS/ICE consent to join prior to filing before the Immigration Court. If government consent is denied, next steps involve drafting a more detailed motion to reopen removal proceedings before the Court. If interested, contact Director of Pro Bono Programs, Sara Levine, at

Same Mission, but BRAND NEW Website!
We want to make accessing justice as easy and intuitive as possible. Check out our new and improved website HERE to find out more about our various services and resources, sign up to volunteer, or donate.
Protect a West Hollywood Synagogue from Being Demolished 
A local synagogue in West Hollywood that has been operating for decades now faces eminent demolition. Shortly after the recent High Holiday services in October 2022, the temple was notified by a flier posted outside that the owners intend to demolish the premises to build housing and commercial businesses. The City of West Hollywood City Council preliminarily approved the project, but no date has been set for the demolition. The congregation is concerned it will take place imminently, despite the existence of a lease. There have been no legal documents served or filed in this action to the congregation’s knowledge. 

Work Required & Deadlines: Confer with the clients and advise on whether there is anything that can be done to stop the demolition from taking place. If interested, contact Director of Pro Bono Programs, Sara Levine, at

Directing Attorney Nadia Segura Sworn onto Board of Latina Lawyers Bar Association
The Directing Attorney of Bet Tzedek’s Small Business Owners Program, Nadia Segura, has been sworn in as a member of the Board of the Latina Lawyers Bar Association (LLBA) for the term 2023-2025. LLBA recognizes that Latinas bring tremendous talents and perspective to the practice of law, yet they face unique challenges as they attempt to succeed in the legal profession. As part of her duties as a board member, Nadia will help support LLBA law students by doing fundraising to provide much-needed scholarships and will assist in the board’s mentoring programs for new attorneys. Nadia will also work on strengthening partnership efforts with other bar and professional associations to provide a rich network of resources for Latinas. Congratulations, Nadia!
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