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April Showers...
...well those in the Northeast will gladly welcome rain after a record breaking cold (frozen and busted pipes!) and snow (Boston!). And on the heels of Credit Education Month (did you review your FREE credit reports?), is Financial Literacy Month. With your Credit Action Plan (CAP) in place, you should now move forward (educate) yourself in your next steps once you have resolved your credit issues. You see, it is all a progression to Legacy Wealth.
Please visit my FB fan page for Financial Literacy tips and my website to learn more about creating Legacy Wealth for you and your family.
1st Annual Alternative Financing Expo - April 7, 2015
TUESDAY! Business Owner: What you don't know DOES affect your bottom line in business. Educate yourself on 'all' your options. Please join Newman Networks as we present the 1st Annual Alternative Financing Expo to educate business owners on their options.
Location: Impact Hub Philadelphia located at 1227 North 4th Street. Tickets: $20 (includes continental breakfast).
The first quarter is done! Are you still "in"? A FB fan wrote, "if i jumped in now, do I start at Week 1?" I suggested start at Week 14 (the current week) and work your way backwards to catch up, ie Week 13, Week 12, etc. 
Since I am doing this with my daughter and son-in-law our balance is $315. I post every Thursday on my Facebook fan page. Come visit and let me know how you are doing. 
FREEBIE! What's the catch? Try Xtreme Green's Fuel Max Plus+ to reduce the cost of your gasoline. Although gas prices have gone way down, it is still an expense. Use the savings to add to the 52 Week Money Challenge.
For the cost of $30 you should save double that amount AND receive a $50 budget analysis for FREE.  Email me at or call 215-350-2483.
March 2015: 

Two GREAT testimonials for    Credit Education Month

Great workshop today with my "Home Vision 2015" participants today ! Tara Colquitt came and blew the crowd away with her talk on Budgeting and Credit and bought me to my own epiphany!

She quoted "Fall in Love with your own reality" which is something that brings my mission to words! Thanks to The Credit Woman, LLC ...Truly amazing!

Philadelphia RE Agent
"I wanted to thank you so much for your help. The experience of having my credit misrepresented was awful and would have been detrimental to some upcoming business enterprises I was working on. The help and advice you gave, while actaully assisting me in fixing the problem, was invaluable.
Micah Macbeth, Business Owner, CrossFit 215

To pre-qualify for counseling, click here. If you have further questions, please email me directly at
I am also available for workshops and conferences.
Please share and subscribe to my YouTube channel which includes my first TV interview, a radio interview for couples and much more. I will be adding more videos in upcoming weeks to educate and inform you on credit issues.
Employment Opportuities
Educators on Call is looking for substitute teachers (BS degree in any subject required to teach in Charter Schools). Sterile Processing U has a 16 week affordable class to train you in becoming a Central Service Technicians (starting pay $17). Please click on the links for more information. Employment is a source of income that is essential to a healthy relationship with your money.
You don't go to CAFE,
you GROW through CAFE!
Cohort 8
Begins Thursday, July 9th! This is the WHY you should attend and you can register here. Join our FB group and read the CAFE Newsletter to keep in touch with CAFE members' events and successes. If you would like to be added to the newsletter, please email me at
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