Dept of Mathematics fall conference
Another successful fall conference in the books! A few of our organizers, plenary speakers, and conference participants: Qiliang Wu (Ohio U), Bjorn Sandstede (Brown U), Anna Ghazaryan (Miami), Vahagn Manukian (Miami), Arnd Scheel (U of Minnesota), and Maria-Veronica Cicocanel (Ohio State U)
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From the Chair
Patrick Dowling, Chair
Dear Alumni and Friends:
In this issue of our newsletter, you can read about recent developments in the Department of Mathematics as well as some of the many accomplishments of our students and faculty.
Our students and faculty are always interested in what our former students are doing. So, if you have some time to spare, please drop us a short note telling us what life after Miami is like, how Miami prepared you for this life, and what are your plans for the future.
We are extremely grateful for the financial contributions we receive from our alumni and friends, but our students also benefit greatly from hearing stories about our alumni and getting a glimpse at what life might have in store for them after graduation.
Best wishes for the future. Keep in touch!
Patrick Dowling
Professor and Chair
P.S. Please share your stories with us. We will feature your updates in our newsletter's "Alumni Spotlights" section.
Student News
Ben Neuhaus
Ben Neuhaus
Leah Simon
Leah Simon
Phuong Ho
Phuong Ho
Andrew Newman
Andrew Newman
Andrew Newman (Masters in math from Miami, 2013) obtained his Ph.D. degree in mathematics from Ohio State University in 2018 under the supervision of Matthew Kahle and has since then been a postdoctoral researcher at Technical University of Berlin, Germany.
Benard A. Neuhaus (BS/MS, Aug 2017) has worked since graduation at IBM in North Carolina. He was an undergraduate summer scholar in summer 2016, and his research from that summer will appear soon in the journal Pure and Applied Functional Analysis in a paper entitled, "Characterizing the Contingent Cone's Convex Kernel", coauthored with Doug Ward.
Leah Simon ('17) and Dana Cox published an article in the Journal of Mathematical Behavior, which is a top tier research journal in mathematics education. In this paper, they use the methodology of narrative inquiry to examine mathematical modeling through the lens of design and design thinking.
Kevin Corotis and his sculpture
Kevin Corotis
Two of Kevin Corotis’ mathematical sculptures were included in a juried art show in Linz, Austria in summer 2019. The show was in conjunction with the annual Bridges Conference. The goal of the Bridges Organization is to foster research, practice, and new interest in mathematical connections to art, music, architecture, education and culture. His piece titled, "Characteristic of a Teapot" will be (again) out on display from January-June 2020. It will be included as a part of the juried "Circling 'Round" exhibition at the Miami University Art Museum.
Phuong Ho has had many accomplishments in the past year. She did a study abroad in Glasgow during the spring. She was part of the Undergraduate Summer Scholars program and completed a research project with Jason Gaddis in noncommutative invariant theory. This produced one paper that is currently under consideration for publication ("Fixed rings of quantum generalized Weyl algebras"). She presented her work at the Miami Pi Mu Epsilon conference in September and at University of Dayton's Undergraduate Math Day in November. She was featured in the College of Arts and Science Student Spotlight.
The 2018 Miami Putnam team ranked 43rd out of 568 institutions in the nation. The team members were Bob Krueger, Orion Koleva, and Nicholas Spanier. Bob Kruger was one of the two students from Ohio that were placed in the top 193. The 2019 team consisted of Nicholas Spanier, Orion Koleva and Sean Longbrake. The results will be known in spring 2020.
Faculty Spotlight
Achilles Beros
Achilles Beros joined the math department in Fall 2019. He earned his B.A. from UC Berkeley in 2005. After graduating from college, he moved to Wisconsin for graduate school and obtained a Ph.D. from UW - Madison in 2013. Before joining Miami University, he was a postdoc at the Universite de Nantes for one year and at UH-Manoa for four years, where he got certified as a scuba diver. His research interests lie in mathematical logic and computer science.
Faculty News
  • Tao Jiang and Alim Sukhtayev each received a 3-year National Science Foundation Research grant, 2019-2022.
  • Anna Ghazaryan led a Banff International Research Station Focused Research Workshop on Stability of Multidimensional Waves, in Banff, Canada, on June 2-9, 2019. The BIRS Focused Research Program is a highly selective program in which each funded workshop brings together a group of four to six researchers to spend a week at BIRS to collaborate on a research project. Anna Ghazaryan and Vahagn Manukian were among the five participants of the workshop.
  • Jason Gaddis spoke at the 2019 Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry Shanghai workshop at Fudan University, adding to an expanding list of departmental members who have had fruitful conference/collaboration trips to China in recent years.
  • Doug Ward edited a special issue of the Journal of Optimization that was dedicated to the memory of his thesis advisor, Jonathan Borwein, a renowned mathematician who passed away in August, 2016.
  • Our faculty members have continued to be active publishing papers, organizing conferences and giving talks. Besides the highly successful NSF-funded fall conference, faculty members have organized or spoke at special sessions at multiple AMS sectional meetings in 2019, including in Madison, Wisconsin and in Gainesville, Florida.
David A. Dickey '67
Alumni Spotlights
David A. Dickey, class of 1967
I grew up in Hamilton and graduated (math) from Miami in 1967, MS in 1969. After that I taught math at William and Mary and at Randolph Macon College, both in Virginia. I married Miami grad Barbara Shell in 1971. I then got a PhD in Statistics from Iowa State in 1976 and started my career at North Carolina State University where I eventually became W.N. Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Statistics and a Fellow of the American Statistical Association.  I am retiring this year after 43 years at NCSU. Early on I wrote three papers on unit root testing in time series, two with my advisor and one with my first PhD student, that together have been cited 43,000 times in the scientific literature according to Google Scholar. I've taught short courses for SAS Institute since 1981 and was a founding member of the NCSU Institute for Advanced Analytics. Barbara and I have 2 married children and 4 grandchildren. All of us living in Raleigh NC. My son is also a professor, in the NCSU Chemical Engineering department.
I recall Professor Holmes and how much I enjoyed his class.  Perhaps because he was young, perhaps because he was such a good teacher, but most likely both, I think the whole class related well to him. I recall that there were always people coming up to talk with him after class, me possibly being among the worst offenders, and he never seemed irritated or in a hurry to get back to the office, a trait that I much appreciate especially after encountering the same as a teacher myself. I do not always have his same patience. My regards and best wishes to him.
Anne Larson Quinn '90
Anne Larson Quinn, class of 1990
I earned my MA in Mathematics from Miami in 1990. I have been teaching in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Edinboro University in PA since 1991. After serving as Assistant Department Chair from 1999-2014, I have been Chair here since 2014. My experiences at Miami definitely helped me to earn my PhD at and to succeed at Edinboro. My husband Michael Quinn, who also graduated from Miami, currently works at Erie Insurance. (pictured, right)
Trisha Zeringue, class of 2006
I have been teaching high school mathematics ever since I graduated in 2006. I very much enjoy teaching and currently teach AP statistics and pre-calculus at a school in a suburb of Nashville. I have a masters in educational leadership but I enjoy math so much I don’t really want to pursue a career in leadership.
Please share your stories with us. We will feature your updates in our newsletter's "Alumni Spotlights" section.
MTH Fall Conference
The department’s 47th Annual Fall Conference took place on September 20-21, 2019. The conference, organized by Anna Ghazaryan, Vahagn Manukian, Alin Pogan, and Alim Sukhtayev, was focused on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems and their Applications.
The conference brought together more than 150 registered participants, with 55 presentations, including 23 talks given by students during Pi Mu Epsilon Sessions, including talks by Miami students or former students: Phuong Ho, Steven Collar, and Marzieh Bakhshi. The plenary speakers were Nancy Rodriguez (University of Colorado-Boulder), Bjorn Sandstede (Brown University), Arnd Scheel (University of Minnesota), and Todd Young (Ohio University). The conference was funded by the National Science Foundation.
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