October 9th, 2020
Greetings, Everyone: 

Those of us that have ventured from our castles and high-rises and warrens and hobbit holes will notice the start of the change of seasons, through the changes in light, in the smell of the air, and the beginnings of autumn color appearing lightly, then swiftly covering everything.  Over the past few months, we’ve all been (wisely) approaching our work and our lives day by day, heads down, marking our time through ZOOM appointments and daily schedules, careful not to miss deadlines or bulletins or action items.  Well, I’m thinking we’ve quickly gotten pretty good at that—and now perhaps we can take the season shift as a reminder to step back a bit and be sure to see the big picture.  Maybe we can tentatively look to making real plans for the future, musing on what this historical moment is teaching us, and how it will be reflected in our art.

Please continue to stay safe, VOTE, and look at all we’re doing!

Upcoming Events
The Wolves
OCT 24th - NOV 1st // SAT @ 6:00PM CST, SUN @ 2:00PM CST
Beneath the fluorescent lights of an indoor soccer field somewhere in suburban America, The Wolves, by Sarah Delappe, paints a vivid picture of a group of teenage girls grappling with some of life’s biggest questions. After a new girl, #46, joins the team The Wolves gives a closeup look at a group of girls doing their best to navigate the world around them. Addressing topics including belonging, adolescence, and grief, Delappe paints an intimate portrait of how teenage girls understand the world and relate to one another. Tickets are priced on a pay-what-you-can scale if you wish to support the department.  Book your tickets here.
Fall 2020 Dance Friday Seminar Series
FRI, 2:50-4:10 CST
  • October 9th, Talia Koylass: Motion Pictures Dance Project
    Register Here
  • October 16th, Dr. yonTande Whitney Hunter: Soul Body: A Radicality or Presence
    Register Here
  • October 23rd, Sarita Connelly: Financial Literacy for Artists
    Register Here
Hildegard von Bingen: Feather on the Breath of God
MON, OCT 12, 2:50-3:45 PM CST // Attend the event here.
Presented to the Women's Chorus of Loyola University by poet and author Susan Palo Cherwein
In the twelfth century, surrounded by the green vineyard lining the Rhine and Nahe Rivers, the Benedictine Abbey of Disibodenberg became the home of an 8 year-old girl, Hildegaard von Bingen.
For thirty years she was an anchorite there. After the death of her mentor and guide Jutta von Sponheim, she herself founded a community of sisters. She was a mustic, a composer, a poet, healer, scientist, and theologian. In 2012, Pope Benedict XVI named Hildegard a Doctor of the Church.
Pivot: Jonathan Michael Castillo and Nicole Marroquin
Image: Jonathan Michael Castillo, Panaderia El Acambaro, Chicago (Pilsen)
On view 24/7 from the street
Pivot features the work of Jonathan Castillo and Nicole Marroquin. Castillo's images of immigrant owned businesses and Marroquin's densely-layered silkscreen prints made in collaboration with Hoofprint Studio give a voice to communities that are often underrepresented. While both artists present works that feel "true", the ways these artworks are understood grow more complex against the backdrop of pandemic and protest.
Opening Reception: FRI, OCT 16TH, 5-7pm (CST)
Join us at our online opening reception over Zoom by registering here.
Artist in Residence: Aram Han Sifuentes
Website Launch
2020-2021 DFPA Artist-in-Residence Aram Han Sifuentes recently launched the website for her project Official Unofficial Voting Station: Voting for All Who Legally Can’t. This is an ongoing socially engaged art project focused on creating imaginative voting stations open to all, but particularly for the disenfranchised. In a season where the disenfranchised are deemed to be silent and invisible, these stations are not only sites for casting symbolic votes but also a site for loud celebration and protest. To learn more and engage with this virtual component of this timely project, visit: http://officialunofficial.vote/
Photo by Virginia Harold
SAVE-THE-DATE: Thursday, October 22 @ 4:30pm CST
Aram Han Sifuentes will be delivering a virtual keynote. This Zoom presentation is open to the entire DFPA community, the University, and the general public. Registration is required to attend. REGISTER HERE
Get It Together: Nia Easley and Tulika Ladsariya
Image: Tulika Ladsariya, Haath Gadi, 2015
OCT 25 - JAN 21, 2020 // Will be on view 24/7 from the street and online
The way we operate in physical space is a manifestation of the political climate. Get It Together aims to pose questions of ownership and power in the built environment. Nia Easley and Tulika Ladsariya each create work that calls attention to the ways our surroundings are influenced by various ideologies. Through these works, the artists challenge expectations and reveal biases in an effort to put the pieces back together.   
American Dreams
NOV 2nd, 2020 // 7:00PM CST
Loyola University Chicago presents American Dreams, a virtual choir concert showcasing the rich history of American choral music. In this event, our choirs explore how choral music has evolved in the United States from early colonial arrangements to spirituals to 20th century avant-garde to the modern day, leaving listeners to contemplate a hopeful future for both choral music and our resilient nation. Features music by Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate, William Billings, Harry Burleigh, Florence Price, Irving Berlin, John Cage, Meredith Monk, and Kile Smith. Purchase tickets for the event here.
Programming Information
Complimentary Tickets
Faculty and staff may request comps via the comp request form for events that have a ticket fee. 
Access & Resources
Periodic Access to Campus
The University recognizes that many faculty and staff members may need to visit their on-campus work areas from time-to-time in order to pick up materials, collect mail, make copies, or use a scanner.  They are providing periodic access to restricted buildings on an established schedule so that Campus Safety may staff and/or monitor buildings with video surveillance.  Please note: This access is only intended for short visits.  See below for the dates on which access to the Mundelein Center will be available for the rest of the semester.
Mundelein Center (east, west and south doors)
October 6, 13, 20, 27
November 3, 10, 17, 24
December 1, 8
9:00am – 4:00pm
No additional approval is needed for access during these times.
Faculty and staff with work areas in other buildings should request access by emailing campusaccess@luc.edu. Provide a specific date you wish to access your on-campus work areas, with at least two days’ advance notice.
Photos and Media Documenting DFPA Activities
Due to our offsite activities and remote learning, as well as significant budget cuts related to COVID-19, the DFPA is unable to document our public programming and select classroom activities with professional or student photographers. What is exciting about this moment in the arts, however, is the ways that artists, makers, designers, educators, and scholars are documenting their processes independently for personal, educational, or promotional use. If you’d like to share these moments with the DFPA for archival and potential use for future promotion or printed material, we’ve created a Dropbox folder for you to do so!
If possible, please name your files as follows: “FirstNameLastName_event/activity name_photocredit.jpg”  For example: JaneSmith_choralrehearsal_photo by Jane Smith.jpg
Syllabi & Office Hours
Our department is required to have a copy of each of the syllabi of courses being taught at the beginning of the semester. Please submit both your syllabi and office hours by ASAP, using this form, if you haven't already . 
Action Items
Phone and Internet Reimbursement Requests
Due to COVID-19 and needing to teach and work remotely all university employees who incur costs for using personal cell phone and/or home Internet data plans are eligible for reimbursement of such costs up to a total of $50 per month. Faculty are eligible for reimbursement starting September 2020 – December 2020.  To request your reimbursement please complete this formIf you have any questions related to Phone/Internet Reimbursement, please reach out to Patricia @ pmoore2@luc.edu.  
Register to Vote & Mail-in Voting
The presidential election is rapidly approaching, and we all have a responsibility to raise our voices thorugh voting. Thank you to everyone whose efforts at voter registration and election monitoring in this off year have proved particularly challenging. You can register to vote or check registration status at vote.org or check out the Voter Information Guide here. This resource also includes information about mail-in voting and links for out-of-state/absentee voters.

Mark E. Lococo, PhD
Professor, Chair
Department of Fine and Performing Arts
Loyola University Chicago

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