Action Alert - Advocate with Audubon
Action Alert - Advocate with Audubon
The legislature must act next week to pass the $69 million Beach, Clean Water and Green Bond in order to meet the deadline for getting this on the November ballot.

Rhode Islanders support environmental investments and past Green Bonds have received enthusiastic support throughout the state. In these unprecedented times with the economy struggling, these investments provide jobs as well as environmental protection.

During this awful pandemic, we have seen time and time again how important open space is to people throughout the state. Our state parks and beaches have been packed. As have Audubon’s refuges. People in Rhode Island always value beaches, clean water and the environment. But the support is even higher now. 

Please contact your state senator and state representative with a copy to the Senate President, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Speaker of the House, House Majority Leader and Chair of the House Finance Committee to ask for action on the 2020 Beach, Clean Water and Green Bond.

Thank you for taking action.

Stay well and safe,

Senior Director of Policy
Audubon Society of Rhode Island

Your email can say:
My name is _______________ and I live at __________________. I am writing you today to ask you to act on the Governor’s bond proposal as submitted and ensure that the critical programs included in her $69 million bond package make their way to the voters in November. We understand that the language needs to be approved by the legislature before September 14 to be included on the November ballot.

We do not support trading away the components included in the Governor’s proposal: $40 million for state beaches, parks and campgrounds, $15 million for matching funds for clean water and drinking water; $4 million for local recreation grants; $3 million for natural and working lands (including protection of forest lands for birds and wildlife - a top Audubon priority); $7 million for municipal resilience investments.

I realize that time is short. Please assure me that you will take action to ensure that Rhode Island voters have an opportunity to decide whether to support these critical environmental programs.


Your name
Here are the email addresses you will need:
Senate and House Leadership
Senate President:
Chair of Senate Finance Committee:
Speaker of the House:
House Majority Leader:
Chair of House Finance:

Your Legislators (State Representative and State Senator)
Follow these steps to find their email addresses:
1) Click here and enter your information. You will be taken to a page with information on upcoming elections and a list of your elected officials. Jot down your “Representative in General Assembly” and “Senator in General Assembly” and jot down your district for state rep and state senate (the numbers are not the same. This makes it easier to find the email addresses.)

2) Look up your state senator's email address on this listThe list is organized by district number.

3) Look up your state representative's email address on this list. The list is organized by district number.


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