Houston Audubon's Big Year
Houston Audubon's Big Year
Read the biographies of the nominees for our Board. Voting will be held at the speaker event on May 16.
Boy Scout Woods and Smith Oaks are open. Many activities are available.
  • Birding walks - 3 times/day - free
  • Photography walks - free
  • Observation platforms - free
  • Bird-friendly plant sale
  • Land Sea & Sky binoculars -  weekends in April
  • Flight in Focus - 2-day photography event
Watch the new video series Birding on Bolivar Peninsula.
Birdathon 2019: Now-May 19
As we celebrate Houston Audubon's 50th, we invite everyone to help make this year's Birdathon a big year for Houston Audubon. Join or sponsor a team!
  • Speaker Event
  • Spring Favorites and Events at High Island
  • Unveiling of Sculpture Honoring Flo Hannah
  • Raptor and Education Center at Sims Bayou
  • Bolivar Flats Bird Cam
  • Natives Nursery Open House
  • Young Professionals Advisory Council
  • Lights Out for Birds!
  • Nature Photography: Raptor Photo Shoots & HANPA
  • Seabrook Bird Survey
  • Bird Profile: Philadelphia Vireo
Thanks for being green and reading The Naturalist online.
Take the pledge and sign up for email alerts for when to turn lights out during migration season.
Focusing on the people and places of Houston Audubon.
  • 2018 Snapshot Has Impressive Numbers
  • Birding on Bolivar Peninsula video series
  • Houston Life TV Interview
  • Midway Atoll and the Global Plastic Problem - video
  • Senior Bus Trip to Buescher State Park
  • Birdathon Kick-off Workshop
  • First Great Egret Eggs of the Season
  • Volunteer Orientation
  • Birds & Blooms 2019 Camp Allen
  • Member Field Trip to Keith Weiss Park
  • Reduce Plastic Pollution with Anniversary Water Bottles
  • Beak of the Week Profiles: Cliff Swallow, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, American Pipit, Bank Swallow
  • Fun Facts, little known gems about birds
Experienced fundraising professional needed for Director of Development.


Learn about the migration of these "jewels" of the bird world as they arrive at our High Island sanctuaries.
A new survey is being piloted this summer at Eastern Glades in Memorial Park. The objective is to assess bird diversity within the park.
Be a part of a global challenge to see which city can observe the most wildlife series. There is a Birding and Bioblitz event at Stuart Park as part of the challenge.
Toast Houston's Birds: All of April
Have a drink at the OKRA Charity Saloon to support Houston's resident and migratory birds.
Family-friendly interactive program on raptors where you get to meet some of our education birds.
Fred Collins and Bob Honig will talk about how Houston area birding has changed in 50 years.
Members will vote for the board election before the presentation.
Apr 6
Armand Bayou
Apr 13
Birds and Blooms
Apr 26-28 
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