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Flashpoint - Risk Management & Safety
November 2017
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The next Flashpoint issue will appear in February with all future publications distributed on a quarterly basis.  The topics will remain the same and any suggestions for the Best Practices category are strongly encouraged and much appreciated.
Importance of Laboratory Emergency Contact Cards

The Laboratory Emergency Contact Cards are designed to provide information regarding the various hazards present within a laboratory and contact information for critical laboratory personnel. This helps visitors, campus personnel, and emergency responders know what risks are present prior to entry and how to stay safe if/when entering that area. This is why it is important the information be kept up-to-date.

To access and download the Emergency Contact Card, please click on the following link: Emergency Contact Card.
For laboratories located in Jordan Hall, a portrait-sized contact card can be found at this link: Emergency Contact Card - Jordan.
Based on the most frequently asked questions regarding training in complyND, the following are provided as friendly reminders:

  • Some courses require supplemental materials to be reviewed. Be sure to download and review any additional material on the Launch Course Page before submitting.
  • If you have trouble launching a course, check your pop-up blockers and be sure that they allow for Metric Stream (
For general questions, comments and concerns, please contact the complyND Team at
                            ENVIRONMENTAL CORNER
On September 12, 2017 the EPA and IDEM conducted an unannounced regular inspection of hazardous waste. For the results of that inspection and opportunities for improvement, please click here.
Environmental Release Notification

A release of an unknown material was discovered in a campus parking lot and truck dock area. A Notre Dame employee reported the issue to Risk Management & Safety after noticing a sheen on the ground. An outside vendor was contacted to clean the areas.

Given the size and complexity of our campus, it's difficult to monitor all areas of our University. Everyone in our community plays a valuable role in ensuring the health and well-being of our students, staff, faculty and visitors as demonstrated in the event mentioned above.

We strongly encourage you to contact Notre Dame Security and Police at 574-631-5555 immediately if you ever notice or encounter a chemical spill, strange (chemical) odors, or anything else that is either suspicious or concerning.
Minor Children Performing Research in Laboratories: 
What is required?

Minor children performing research in laboratories require greater care and oversight than adult University students. Before work begins in a laboratory, risk management compliance standards should be met.

Under University policy, persons receiving gratuities, meal vouchers or other reimbursement are considered volunteers. Those persons, including minor children, receiving payment or stipend for services, are considered employees and lab personnel must work through the employment process with the Department of Human Resources. When children are recognized as employees, lab personnel should follow the training and safety standards established for all employees.

Minor children who are designated as "volunteers" are subject to additional protocol. Requirements are outlined in the "Minors Performing Research on Campus" document. This document provides information relative to safety and emergency procedures, hazardous material restrictions and safety training requirements for minors. Appended to the document are forms for completion. The PI or designee is required to complete a checklist outlining the research to be conducted and the hazards associated. A waiver form, and medical consent form, must be signed by a parent or legal guardian of the minor child.

All required documents shall be submitted prior to the commencement of any work in the laboratory. The appropriate RMS staff will review documentation; lab personnel will be contacted for additional information if necessary.
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