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FMCA's April Monthly E-Newsletter
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Stewards Of The Earth
April is filled with dates that recognize humans' efforts to make the world a better place. Among them are Volunteer Recognition Day (April 20), Earth Day (April 22), and Arbor Day (April 29). In addition, all of April has been proclaimed National Volunteer Month.

Of course, we don't need official dates to be good stewards of the lands on which we roam and the communities in which we live. In fact, if FMCA members are representative of RVers everywhere, the spirit of volunteerism and dedication to "giving back" are alive and well. Within the association, individuals and groups give their time, skills, and financial resources to help others. All RVers can find additional ways to pitch in and protect the planet — and each other.

Read on for some tips: how to find volunteer opportunities, how to celebrate Arbor Day, how to reduce waste in your RV galley. We've included other info as well to help enhance your RV travels.

Enjoy the spring!

The FMCA Team

All The Reasons Why
We love FMCA, because they offer amazing instructional courses at their International Conventions & RV Expos and the "get you home" insurance [FMCAssist Medical Emergency and Travel Assistance coverage] that is included with your membership. The rallies are big, and the number of vendors available is wonderful! We also love the Monaco International chapter, and we have met so many kind and wonderful friends through our membership with them.

Sheri Shields & John Shields, F511030

With an FMCA membership, you can gain access to exclusive RV club benefits, discounts, educational opportunities, events, community, and so much more! Find out more here.
How Do I?

How to Celebrate Earth Day
Did you know that this year marks the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day? The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, as a grassroots effort to address environmental issues and grew into a time for folks to clean up litter, plant trees, and celebrate Mother Nature!  You can honor this year’s theme of “Invest In Our Planet” by participating in simple yet sustainable actions. You can also support our pollinators, such as bees and other creatures, by planting wildflowers and plants native to your area. Conserving water when you can and thinking about your “foodprint” before buying or wasting food can also help save the planet (and save you some money).

This Earth Day, try getting your children or grandchildren involved. When you pass down a love of nature to kids, it makes them excited to take care of Mother Earth and gives them unique hands-on learning experiences that last a lifetime.

Check out for more ways you can celebrate Earth Day this year and every day! 

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FMCA Adventure

Lend A Hand
Whether you clean up a local streambed or a litter-strewn road, or log time with a nonprofit organization, you're giving back in a big way. You'll reap some personal benefits, too — including the knowledge that you've made a difference. Consider finding ways to help throughout April, which has been designated National Volunteer Month.

Volunteer jobs are endless. They might involve cleaning up after a community event, assisting at a food pantry, or helping at a dog shelter. Here are some tips to get started:

If you appreciate the scenic and natural features of national parks and other lands, why not volunteer at one of them? Park jobs include serving as campground hosts, working in a visitors center, being an interpreter/docent, or participating in a "citizen science" project. The National Park Service offers a wealth of volunteer information here.

To search for volunteer opportunities at other government-run facilities, including state parks, monuments, and more, visit

If you're handy with a hammer or paintbrush, consider participating in a Habitat for Humanity build. Volunteers work alongside families in need of decent and affordable housing, helping them to construct or rehab their own homes. Habitat's RV Care-A-Vanners program assists RVers searching for build opportunities.

Workamper News, a source for job-seeking RVers, provides information about hundreds of volunteer jobs at national, state/provincial and county agencies, and nonprofits. The most common volunteer positions listed: campground hosts, interpreters, guides, visitors center attendants, wildlife observers, and caretakers.   

Those with certified therapy dogs already know the positive response their pooches receive at nursing homes, hospitals, and other places. If you think your canine may have the right temperament for this role, check out Pet Partners, or the American Kennel Club.

Consider various ways to assist children in the community. Volunteer in a school as a teacher's assistant or recess monitor; tutor students; or work in the school library.

The internet provides countless other sources of information. Search for "volunteer," "RV volunteer," "volunteering near me," etc.

Whatever you do, no matter how small it seems, you can make the world a better place!

FMCA Clubhouse
Stoppin' Spots
Stoppin' Spots
If you need on-the-road help or hospitality, there’s no better resource than FMCA’s Stoppin’ Spots Members Assistance Directory. The directory includes members who have volunteered to provide emergency Stop Over spots, 24-hour Come Visit stays, advice for finding quality local Mechanical Help, and Pinch Hit Driver options.
Golden Getaway
Golden Getaway
Registration is open! Don’t miss your opportunity to join FMCA at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, August 24 through 27, 2022. Our 105th International Convention & RV Expo will be packed with RVs, education, shopping, socializing, entertainment, great friends, and so much more.
Campground of the Month
KOA Care Camps, C456
KOA's Care Camps Big Weekend is back! The Big Weekend has been a fundraising tradition for over 30 years, sending kids with cancer to medically supervised KOA Care Camps across North America. The funds collected help provide an amazing summer camp experience for children recovering from cancer or currently undergoing treatments. What can you do? Book a stay at any participating KOA campground for Friday, May 13, and receive Saturday, May 14, for just $20. Saturday night's fee will go directly to supporting Care Camps. Can’t stay the weekend in question? Don’t worry; you can still help out.
FMCA has hundreds of commercial-member campgrounds that offer discounted stays. Visit our RV Marketplace to find one or more that might fit right into your travel plans.
Things We Like
Batwing Awning
The "Batwing" Awning
Join us while we take a look at the Winnebago Ekko 22A, an all-wheel-drive, off-grid-ready RV that combines the efficiency and handling of a camper van with the storage capacity of a Type C motorhome. One especially intriguing feature is an optional 270-degree “batwing” awning that wraps around the street side to the rear, as shown in this video. Click here to read more about the Winnebago Ekko 22A in the December 2021 issue of Family RVing.
Harvest Hosts
Harvest Hosts Adventures
The newest addition to the array of FMCA campground discounts, Harvest Hosts, has many unique and exciting overnight stays to choose from. These overnight stops provide you and your travel companion the opportunity to support local businesses while also enjoying the scenery. But don’t just take our word for it; read what current Harvest Hosts members have to say about their experiences. Jeff and Susan Regan wrote a blog for Leisure Travel Vans detailing their overnight stay in Paso Robles, California, at Four Lanterns Winery, which is part of the Harvest Hosts network. Click here to read about their unforgettable experience.
RV Inspection and Care
Solar Power: Is It Right for You?
Have you ever considered taking the plunge and buying solar panels for your RV? Operating on solar power can be more environmentally friendly than running a generator and not subject to limitations imposed by campground quiet hours. But have you ever wondered whether solar power is the right choice for you? In this YouTube video, RV Solar Systems – Who Needs Them?, a certified RV inspector explains how an RV solar system works, what you need for a good-quality system, the pros and cons, and more.
RVers' Delight
Buy Less... Choose Well
Buy Less. . . Choose Well
If you stopped to consider the amount of plastic, paper, and food that gets thrown out in your RV galley every week, you might be surprised. Check Pioneer Woman’s 15 best reusable products for your kitchen that are simple eco-friendly swaps. While there are many ways to reduce or repurpose food waste, it’s important to focus on the items you use every day for food prep, cooking, cleaning, and storage. Alternate items include reusable food wraps and storage bags, reusable sponges, Swedish dishcloths, organic cloth napkins, and more. These simple swaps can help you be more sustainable in the kitchen; plus, they'll likely last longer than traditional kitchen supplies. You also may gain a little extra space.

FMCA Area Rally Schedule
May 2022
International Area Rally – May 23-28 – Lebanon, Tennessee

June 2022
Great Lakes Area Rally – June 8-11 – Goshen, Indiana
Northwest Area Rally – June 22-26 – North Bend/Coos Bay, Oregon

July 2022
Eastern Area Rally – July 13-16 – Lewisburg, West Virginia 

August 2022
Northeast Area Rally — August 4-7 — Fryeburg, Maine

September 2022
South Central Area Rally — September 14-17 — Shawnee, Oklahoma

October 2022
Rocky Mountain Area Rally — October 26-29 — Tucson, Arizona
Did you know that you don't have to be an FMCA member to attend our area rallies? That's right; you can join us at any FMCA rally or International Convention & RV Expo. Click here to find our complete list of area rallies and conventions.
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