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Saving the Lives of Veterans and First Responders with PTSD
October 2019  

Monthly Dog Update


This is Moose barking your way! I visited my first restaurant and rodeo with my puppy parent! I even got to wear my friend's cowboy hat. Everyone said I did amazing at both events. At school, I learned how to catch a football out of the air and bring it back for another throw. I finally understand the concept of removing first shoe-laces, then the boot, and finally the socks. This will come in handy for my future first responder or veteran. I have a new sister named Suzie and she's a 4-month old golden retriever. I love being a big brother! That's it for now, so see you next time.

From Moose's Handlers
“This type of love and affection was always absent from my youth. I never received it from my parents growing up, so in turn never was able to give it to anyone else. And doing so much time in prison where those feelings and emotions are looked upon as weakness only made it worse. I guess what I'm getting at is Moose and the program and what I'm going through is a good thing because it's all helping me become a better person." -Damian at CTF
Our Dogs

CTF Graduation

The October 2019 CTF Graduation celebrated service dog Jett and the beginning of his life of service with retired Fire Captain Mike Ward. Watch all the videos of the emotional celebration. 

CMC Teams

Check out some of our amazing teams at CMC doing some awesome work. These puppies are being taught by the inmates at the California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo. 
Our service dogs are educated through Bond-Based Choice Teaching. It’s all about the relationship between human and canine. We’re grateful Jennifer Arnold, the creator of this method, was able to visit CMC and meet with the dog handlers.

Puppy Parents Wanted

There are more puppies in the program looking for weekend puppy parents. Puppy Parents get the opportunity to teach the dog to live as part of a family.
Apply to volunteer at here and help parent a puppy during the journey to becoming a service dog.

Inmate Artwork on Display

What could be better than art, dogs, and coffee? There is new artwork on display at Top Dog Coffee Bar! The proceeds support training service dogs as part of the Inmate Artists Save Lives initiative.

Our October Thank You

Feeling so grateful for all the hard work volunteers put into the program. We couldn't do it without you.

From group projects to student internships, there are a variety of ways to get involved

New Life K9s

Saving Lives through the Healing Power of the Human-Canine Bond

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