New law requires consent training for DSPs, plus masks for good.
New law requires consent training for DSPs, plus masks for good.
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Julie Guidry, a woman with short, dark hair and a statement necklace, sits in her home with a background of green cut-paper leaves and a cello.
UA Co-Founder and Executive Director Julie Guidry speaks about the need for and the significance of House File 3366/Senate File 3177. 
***Content warning: mention of sexual violence.

A policy win!

After testifying twice at the State Legislature - once at the Capitol building and once from home - we're thrilled to share that House File 3336/Senate File 3177 has passed! Because of this new policy, disability service providers will be required to train DSPs (Direct Support Professionals) on strategies that prevent sexual violence; including consent, bodily autonomy, and healthy relationships for people with disabilities.

This is the hard-won effort of a collective of disability advocates, including Upstream Arts, The Arc, The Brain Injury Alliance, and The Autism Society of Minnesota, among others, who came together to address the alarming epidemic of sexual violence within our disability communities (people with disabilities are seven times more likely to experience sexual violence in their lifetimes than people without disabilities). We will continue to be active in advocating as this policy goes into effect on August 1st. Thank you to all who made this milestone possible!
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Click here to learn more about Upstream Arts' sexual assault and violence prevention program, The Art of Relationships.
Click here to view the poster advocacy campaign we did in collaboration with artists from MSS.
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Practice care with flair, all while helping Upstream Arts!

In need of some new face fashion? For July and August, the South Minneapolis artist behind Selena Ellis has generously offered to donate $2 from every mask sale to Upstream Arts. In addition, this local maker donates one of these high-quality masks to community efforts for every mask sold, with beneficiaries such as the Powderhorn Sanctuary and Southside Harm Reduction. 
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30 days, 30 talks about Disability Rights from around the globe

Embracing the Difference Globally: The ABILITY Event is an annual conference led by students from Saint Cloud State University. This year the conference will be held for 30 days to celebrate 30 years of the ADA, offering a world of perspectives from national and international speakers. The ABILITY Event is entirely online and free to attend, click below to see the schedule and to register for talks!

More info and register
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Every contribution becomes a creative connection between our disability community and our 30+ Teaching Artists. Thank you for working with us to ensure that ACCESS is the way forward!
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