What does Re•Focus mean to you? Julie Guidry asked our Board Chair, Steve.
What does Re•Focus mean to you? Julie Guidry asked our Board Chair, Steve.
Dear Friend, 
A split Zoom screen. To the left, Julie Guidry, a dark-haired Italian woman, gestures expressively as the sun streams through her window. To the right, Board Chair Steve Anderson, a white-haired man, grins widely from his home office.

"Let's see what picture now comes into focus."

"As a person with a disability, I know people make assumptions. We live in such a 'hurry up world,' that when someone asks a person a question who maybe can’t formulate the answer as quickly as they want, they will A) go on to the next person or B) answer for the person assuming they know what they’re going to say. And if you have that happen to you over and over again, it’s no wonder some folks are hesitant about saying something - and so they don’t say anything at all. 

I’m sure you’ve seen participants who, at the beginning of class, are like, 'nope, no way,' but by the end they’re making moves towards self-advocacy. And believe me, that will carry over to other parts of their life."
Executive Director Julie Guidry sat down to capture impressions from Board Chair Steve Anderson after his first time attending one of our online Open Enrollment classes for adults with disabilities. Together, they talked about how we're refocusing our work, and what that means as we collectively (re)imagine accessibility post-pandemic. 
The Art of We: ReFocus logo. Upstream Arts' Annual Fundraiser & Photo Exhibit April 29, 2021.

"The limits are boundless"

That's what Steve said about our Open Enrollment classes, and we couldn't agree more! Save the Date for The Art of We: Re•Focus, our Annual Fundraiser and Photo Exhibit, and join us in celebrating how we're refocusing our work to be its most accessible and far-reaching yet.
The Art of We: Re•Focus
Thurs, April 29 6-7pm CST 
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