Happy 2019!
Happy 2019!

Taylor's Heart was blessed to join in on one last Christmas party for the children and staff at Buena Vida Orphanage.  Thank you Liliana, for including us!!! You and your group provided a beautiful party for the children, the food was great, the games were fun, and the company was awesome!!!


Loteria -

Like Bingo, this game has picture cards and everyone has chances to win prizes out of the boxes on the table when they complete a row.

Sadly, after many games, Taylor came away empty handed......

There were beautiful gifts for all, with new shoes for each child!

Gabriel, Meche, and the staff were all given thoughtful gifts! Even the dogs and kitten were included! 

We had lots of fun playing volleyball, Gabriel's specialty..... Even with a baby on his arm, he was unbeatable!

He succeeded in basketball too, crushing the competition at HORSE (not caballo)..........

BUT................. Pino's over the head, soccer style, nothin' - but - net shot blew us all away!!!

As the fun went into the night, there was no slowing down! We had coffee and treats, and the fun and games did not stop! Uno Attack was a hit, as well as a very intense tournament of Perfection! Thanks to Taylor's fierce coaching skills, Crystal succeeded!!!

The night ended with hot cocoa and a movie in the family room of Gabriel and Meche's home. Thank you Liliana, and your group, for planning this beautiful day!!!

Thanks to your continued support....

Taylor's Heart ended the trip at the grocery store, giving the Buena Vida budget a boost by loading them up with fresh groceries and stocking the freezer with meat! Without faithful donors like you, we would not be able to be a foundational support to this big family!!! We are so grateful for all you provide!!!
Thank you !

Prayer Targets:

  • Buena Vida has welcomed in a new child, a 10 year old boy! Pray for a smooth transition, love and acceptance, as well as comfort and peace for Maruan as he adjusts into his new family.

  • As they prepare to take in more children, please pray that Buena Vida has a widened donor base to support this growing family and growing budget.

  • Pray that construction wraps up soon on the bunkhouse, so Buena Vida has an additional source of income when groups come to stay and visit

Blessings to you and yours in 2019!

The Taylor's Heart Crew

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