Registration closes on Wednesday
Registration closes on Wednesday
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Going, going ... Time waits for no one
Happy spring! As we enjoy longer days and the glorious warmth of these first sunny days of spring, we're reminded that our registration will soon close. You have until midnight Wednesday, March 24, to secure your virtual seat in this history-making semester. 
On our website's home page, you'll find the instructions and link to register for classes online. It is now too late to register by mail. If you require assistance getting registered before Wednesday's deadline, please call the ILR office at 513-529-8500.
Spring catalog

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

With so many great classes to choose from this semester, you'll have a hard time deciding just how many you can fit in. We suggest letting the housework slide and filling your schedule to your heart's content.  
The ILR Spring 2021 Course Catalog wasn't printed or mailed this semester due to the financial implications of the pandemic and the additional time and workload required to move the semester online. You'll find the PDF catalog an easy-to-navigate alternative.
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You can do this. We can help.

You've been stuck home alone for far too long. Beat the COVID blues, connect with your peers, and join in the learning and fun. You've earned this! Most ILR classes will use Cisco Webex conferencing. All you'll need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Are you wondering if you can connect from your computer or mobile device? It's easier than you think. Sign up for a free training session below and we'll have you connected and feeling confident in no time. 
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Last call for Webex training
We have a few remaining Webex virtual training classes available this week. Get ready for your spring ILR semester by signing up for a free ILR Webex introduction class. You'll soon realize how fun and easy learning from the comfort of your home can be. 

Pour a cup of something soothing, settle in, and get ready to learn what you've been missing. Sign up for your Webex intro training session. We'll have you confident and ready to go in an hour or less. 

How to register
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Easy peasy

Ready to register for spring semester classes? Your $115 registration fee allows you to choose as many classes as you'd like. You better grab a bigger plate for this buffet!
While virtual, we have two easy ways to register--online or by mail. Online is your quickest option and immediately reserves your seat in a class. Online registration–accessed from the ILR website–takes only minutes and requires no passwords. Once you experience the ease of registering online, you'll understand the appeal. It's the most efficient means of registering, both for you and the ILR office. If registering by mail, if you're unable to print the registration form, simply send us your registration information, courses, and payment.
Add or drop a class
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Need to modify your registration?

If you'd like to add or drop a class after you've registered, grab your confirmation number (provided in your registration confirmation email), head back into online registration, and follow the instructions on the How to Modify Your Registration tab at the top of the opening screen. If we can help, let us know.
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Miami recognized as Age-Friendly University

After a rigorous process of preparation and application, Miami has just been named as the newest member of the Age-Friendly University (AFU) network. As one of fewer than 50 AFUs in the nation, Miami stands in good company with other universities who make ageless learning a priority. Read the article 
call for proposals

Call for proposals

Well, not quite the proposal we had in mind, although we'll love your course proposal just as much. While the spring semester isn't yet underway, we're actively planning for fall 2021 and will be accepting course proposalsdiamonds optional—until May 3rd. Everyone has a passion, hobby, profession, or skill worth sharing. Submit your ILR fall 2021 course proposal by May 3rd. Chances are, the answer will be yes!
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Tech team
Hall of Fame worthy
They've been in spring training for months, but they won't see a parade, cheerleaders, or even a pep rally in their honor. Yet they'll continue to be the reason for ILR's virtual success. Supporting our instructors and students, you'll see at least one ILR Tech Team member in each of our spring classes. A baker's dozen this semester, our team includes Paul Allen, Sarah Baker, Charles Ganelin, Alfredo Huerta, Judy Macke, Sante Matteo, Jerry Riesenberg, Marilyn Ruther, Mike Ruther, Tom Schaber, Rob Schorman, Robin Seaver, and Pat Sidley. They make making it all work look easy. Be sure to give them a virtual high five. Yay team!
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Join us this year! 
Spring: March 29 thru April 30, 2021
Fall: October 4 thru November 5, 2021

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