Heart of the Forest
Ask a stranger what they know about Brevard, North Carolina, and there’s a good chance they’ll mention waterfalls. Then they’ll probably follow that up by saying something about Pisgah National Forest. Since its founding in 1916, Pisgah National Forest has been one of the most beloved recreational destinations on the East Coast. Stretching over 500,000 acres in over twelve counties, the forest contains part of George W. Vanderbilt’s vast estate. The roots of American Forest Conservation stretch under the fertile soil of Pisgah National Forest, planted there under the innovative partnership of Vanderbilt, Gifford Pinchot and Frederick Law Olmstead. The historic site of their revolutionary forestry school, known now as the Cradle of Forestry, sits at the heart of Pisgah, and only a few miles up the road from downtown Brevard. 

Pisgah’s joys extend well past its historical significance. It’s home to some of Transylvania County’s most recognizable local attractions, including the sublime Looking Glass Falls and natural thrill ride, Sliding Rock. Those aren’t the only waterfalls in Pisgah. The cool, clear Davidson River (and its tributaries) takes a number of twists, turns and precipitous drops as it winds down through the forest. This allows for plenty of scenic spots for camping, picnicking and general sightseeing, but also some of the best trout fishing around. You can even learn a thing or two about what’s biting at the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education, which offers a number of programs for curious folks of all ages in the heart of the forest. 

With over 400 miles of trail, Pisgah National Forest is paradise for hikers. A number of campsites with a variety of amenities exist throughout the forest and welcome those looking to extend their stay overnight. Pisgah National Forest also boasts more than 80 miles of single track, as well as numerous logging roads for those inclined to confirm its legendary reputation among cyclists.

Pisgah National Forest is easy to get to, just a few minutes from downtown Brevard by car or bicycle. Just outside the park entrance, on Highway 276 are a number of restaurants, pubs and outfitters so you can stock up on provisions and put together your perfect trip.  

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