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Remembering David Ullom

It’s 1986. The classroom walls are covered with classic movie posters, the students are reviewing for an upcoming test with a round of Hollywood Squares on the chalkboard and the teacher is dressed as a vampire. It’s a typical day in Mr. Ullom’s senior English class. 

David Ullom, a quiet man who understood the importance of literature and good movies, taught English and Bible on Mustang Mountain from 1982 – 1990. With a mixture of wit and humor, Mr. U (as he was sometimes affectionately called) brought stories to life in the minds of his students while teaching them to create their own through writing.

“He was very interested in his classes learning, but he wasn’t so much interested in us just vomiting it up on a test,” Mark Hodges (’86) said. “Don’t get me wrong, he gave tests, but he made most of us actually want to be interested in what he was teaching – no matter what it was. The thing is, he actually got me to feel comfortable about writing. Up until his class, some of the English teachers I had were only focused on diagraming sentences and all of the different grammar exercises. I felt like everything I would write was going to be heavily scrutinized so I didn’t involve myself in writing that much. Mr. Ullom made it okay to write.” 
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Maddie Awtrey

Q&A with CAC's athletic trainer Maddie Awtrey 

Let’s start with the basics! From where and when did you graduate college?
I graduated from Harding University in 2015 with a degree in athletic training.
Tell us about you and your family.
I was born and raised in St. Louis, so yes, I’m a Cardinals fan. I have two older brothers. We’re pretty spread out – one is in Colorado and the other is down in Texas. Growing up, our vacations were camping or going up to Colorado. My dad was a youth minister, so we went on a lot of missions trips over the summer. We just love to spend time outside whenever we’re together. 

What made you want to choose athletic training as a career?
In high school I had the opportunity to take Intro to Athletic Training classes and was able to work closely with our athletic trainer. Learning about that made me realize I definitely wanted to be in the medical field. At Harding, I was in the athletic training program there and I really loved working with the student-athlete population. Being an athlete myself growing up, it was a good fit for me. 
Though it may be hard to believe, you’ve already been at CAC for a year now. What has been your favorite part?
Yeah, for sure! The previous two years I worked in the Little Rock Public School District, which was nice and I really enjoyed it. But, coming to 
a private Christian school, I’ve noticed it’s a lot more family and community focused. When I first started, and I was the new kid on the block, everyone was so welcoming. The community here is a lot like what I had at Harding, which is nice. 

Click here to read the full interview on our website. 
June 12, 2018. Varsity football players Blake Smith and John Dalton help teach proper tackling techniques to young athletes at football camp. Click here to see more photos on our Instagram page. 
"CAC raised me! You will never find higher caliber individuals than you can find at CAC. I’ll always bleed purple!"
Kayely-Morganne Shields
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It's time for our annual CONSIGNMENT SALE
Has your student grown a foot since last August? Are you looking for a way to help out the CAC community and make some money at the same time?
Start gathering up your student's gently-used uniform items and mark your calendars for July 10! 
All types of gently-used uniform items will be sold at reduced prices. Bring your student’s plaid skirts, spirit wear items and other clothing articles with the CAC logo to be resold.
More details will be provided in the next week! 
If you are interested in including your clothing items in the sale, contact Lisa Lancaster by email at or at (501) 758-3160 ext 223.
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The week of May 27 rising CAC seniors Riley Shepard, Tess Williams and Anna Claire Williams traveled to Searcy, Arkansas, to participate in the Arkansas Girls State program.
Along with 900 other participants, Shepard, Williams and Williams learned how to participate in the functioning of the state’s government in preparation for their future roles as responsible adult citizens.
According to Shepard, she enjoyed making new friends and working together with others toward a common goal.
To learn more about Arkansas Girls State and to see pictures, click here
Congrats on a successful week, ladies! 
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