This is a weekly newsletter for faculty and staff at Notre Dame.
This is a weekly newsletter for faculty and staff at Notre Dame.
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VP for public affairs and communications announced

Joel G. Curran, vice chancellor for communications at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and an award-winning public relations professional, has been appointed vice president for public affairs and communications at Notre Dame. He will assume his duties on Monday, Nov. 1. (More...)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

HR announces diversity and inclusion program manager

Eve Kelly has been appointed as the University’s first diversity and inclusion program manager, assisting Eric Love, director of diversity and inclusion. Kelly has worked with students, faculty and staff throughout her career and specializes in advocacy and mediation, cultural competencies and facilitation in issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. (More...
Photo of the dome of Main Building and the steeple of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart


Vatican, Notre Dame host Dialogue on Energy Transition

Earlier this month Notre Dame co-hosted the third Vatican Dialogue on Energy Transition. Due to COVID restrictions, the event was delivered in a virtual format. The theme of this year’s discussion was “Just Transition,” which focuses on the well-being of workers and communities that will bear an undue burden from the transition to a green economy. (More...)


Holtz honors late wife

Former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz has made a generous donation to the University in memory of his wife, Beth. The Lou and Beth Holtz Family Grand Reading Room will span two floors on the west side of Hesburgh Library. (More...) 
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What Would You Fight For?(video)

Fighting for research that matters

Nina Kikel-Coury, a biology graduate student, suffers from POTS, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, an autonomic nervous system disorder which can lead to fainting spells, seizures, respiratory issues and digestive trouble. Her research has led to the discovery of a new cell, which may lead to finding the cause of POTS. (More...)
Photo of the Spectrumx Telescope


Notre Dame to lead $25 million SpectrumX project

The explosion of wireless applications has placed access to a key natural resource, the radio frequency spectrum, at a premium. Thanks to $25 million from the National Science Foundation, the Notre Dame-led SpectrumX project will bring together experts from 29 organizations to transform the landscape of spectrum research, education and collaboration. (More...
“The SpectrumX collaboration addresses the need for responsible and effective management of the radio frequency spectrum so that our generation and all that follow can continue to benefit from the wireless technology advancements so central to daily life.”  — Marie Lynn Miranda, the Charles and Jill Fischer Provost

ND in the News

Professor comments on fall in poverty due to stimulus, unemployment aid

U.S. poverty fell overall in 2020, largely due to the swift and substantial federal relief that Congress enacted at the start of the pandemic as the nation experienced the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The Washington Post interviewed economics professor James Sullivan, about whether he thinks the drop in poverty will last. (More...)


New approaches to technical training classes

Looking for training classes delivered in a way to meet your needs? Whether you prefer in-person, Zoom, or a mix, find classes that are right for you. (More...)
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