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"God puts us through things to make us who we are!" -- Stacia

Club in May provided an encouraging opportunity for testimony and fellowship. Six of our young moms attended, along with several volunteers and family members. One young mom explained how she has been learning about setting boundaries and letting go of negative thoughts, habits, and people. Even though her car was stolen a few weeks ago (containing carseats, money, and many of her baby items!) she's been able to see God's hand at work, helping her trust Him more. She encouraged us all to live only for Him, and to let go of anything that pulls us away from Him.
Others shared about the importance of protecting children by modeling healthy habits and speech patterns, since much of what children hear and see at a young age stays with them through life.
Transportation, dinner, and childcare were provided by some of our faithful volunteers. One young mom brought a number of surplus baby items to share with the others. Each mom went home with at least one pack of diapers and wipes, generously provided by the Diaper Bank in Rosedale.
We are always in need of more volunteers! If you would like to help, please send a note to Financial support and/or gift cards can be mailed to YoungLives, 501 Jefferson Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235, or donated via this link (indicate "Teen Moms" in the tribute space.)
Crazy Banana Boat Fun!

Please keep Camp in prayer!

We need funding for 4 teen moms, a leader (Skylor), and a childcare volunteer -- as well as funds for transportation costs and other incidentals. The total cost this summer will be about $5000. If you know anything about Young Life camp, you know that it's well worth the money! We call it the "Best Week of their Lives" for a reason: it's where many teens give their lives to Jesus. Please pray about donating to our campership fund, which you can do via this link (on the designation page choose "Camp Scholarship".).

We love our babies ... and our childcare volunteers!

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